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Cheap v. Expensive: Two Moisturizing and "Lifting" Foundation Reviews: Estee Lauder and Revlon

estee lauder resilience lift foundationIt is winter, it is dry, and I am dry! So I have have developed a bit of an obsession about moisturizing products. I was using a Prescriptives foundation and experimenting with another from Loreal, but I was not completely satisfied with either, and once the air dried out both failed me completely. Suddenly my makeup turned flaky by mid-day. So it was time for something new.

After reading some good reviews of each, I picked up both a drugstore foundation, Revlon Age Defying Foundation with Botafirm , and a fairly new department store product, Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Foundation. Both claim to provide lifting and moisture, and both provide sunscreen protection. The Expensive item wins the comparison battle between these two, although I was also satisfied with the Revlon foundation.

Revlon’s foundation comes in two formulas, One formula for normal/combination skin and another for dry skin. Interestingly, and something I have seen pointed out by other reviewers, the dry skin formula lists talc higher on its ingredient list than does the dry skin formula. Since I was already having problems with my makeup caking up, I really didn’t want a bunch of talc in my foundation. So I purchased the normal skin product in fresh ivory for around $10 at a local drug store. The shade I picked was generally about right for me, although it seemed perhaps a tad too pale. I like the feel of this foundation. It feels moisturizing, although not overly so, and blends well. It has pretty good staying power and I did not have problems with it getting flaky or accentuating my lines and pores. But I found the coverage on it to be just so-so. Because I have some minor discoloration, I generally want fairly good coverage. This stuff, although it is labeled as a medium coverage product, and also generally feels like one, didn’t quite do it for me in that department. People needing less coverage might be happy with it though. As for the lifting claims, I can’t say that I noticed anything. In the end, the Revlon foundation was OK, and definitely an improvement over what I had been using. It also has a budget friendly price. For the low cost, I think it provides a fairly good value. But I likely won’t buy it again, because I am hooked on the new Estee Lauder foundation.

I really love the new Estee Lauder product, which I purchased at Macy’s for around $35 in the shade linen. It has just the right balance of moisture and coverage for my skin. It smooths on feeling almost like a tinted moisturizer and blends well. But unlike a tinted moisturizer, it has decent coverage. It stays on fairly well, and I have had no problems with it drying out or getting flaky. The stuff feels wonderful. One warning is to use small amounts, the foundation is quite creamy and spreads well, so there is no need to use a lot of it. The shade is good for me too. I also like that it comes in a pump dispenser. But whether I will later decide that I hate the dispenser when it is almost empty and I feel like product is going to be wasted, I don’t know. I have been annoyed over that with other products in the past, especially products like this one that do not give the option of screwing off the pump dispenser top. Is putting a threaded top on a product really all that difficult? Regardless, for the time being I like it because it is easy to use.

As for the extreme lifting claims, like with the Revlon foundation, I can’t say that I have noticed much. So I tend to think that the lifting claims are a bit out there. But I didn’t purchase either product for those claims. The only real downside of the Estee Lauder product for me is the price, but I have always been willing to spend quite a bit on foundation, so I am OK with it. Obviously others might feel differently.

Overall, both are products that provide some moisture, while feeling and looking good on the skin. I feel comfortable recommending both for people with normal to dry skin. I don’t think the Estee Lauder product would work well at all on oily skin. The Revlon product might. I plan to stick with the Estee Lauder foundation through winter and then find something different for the summer, when I tend to get a bit oily at times.

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