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M-A-C and Barbie

MAC Cosmetics and Mattel toys are teaming up to release the Barbie Loves MAC limited edition collection. The MAC site does not have details yet, other than the simple statement that the collection will debut in February. But according to reports, the line will include a limited edition MAC Barbie, lipstick, glosses, eyeliners, shadows, blushes, nail polishes, mascara, brushes, and a black and pink make-up bag.


  1. GirlPaint says:

    Finally! What a brilliant idea. I’ve always wanted to makeup like barbie–except I loved Madge from the 60′s. Wouldn’t it be cool if MAC followed Barbie through the generations and developed lines accordingly? By the way, thanks for stopping by GirlPaint. Love your blog, C.

  2. The Barbie is out now! I got an email on that today.

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