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Origins Modern Friction Scrub Review

origins derma Origins Modern Friction Scrub Review

Origins scrub

I recently tested a sample of Modern Friction, Natures Gentle Dermabrasion from Origins Origins Modern Friction Scrub Review. This is an interesting scrub that would likely work well for people who want a milder scrub. I normally use Loreal Refinish microdermabrasion scrub once or twice each week. That works fine for me, but I imagine it could be a bit harsh on sensitive skin. The Origins product is much milder. In fact it is likely too mild for my tastes, although it works just fine. I just like to feel like I have done some serious exfoliation.
The scrub has a wonderful mint scent, assuming that one likes mint. If you are not a mint lover, this product probably isn’t for you. It provides a mild and fairly smooth exfoliation. My skin felt soft after using it, and not irritated in any manner. My one complaint about it is that without adding a bit of water, it goes on feeling fairly pasty and does not spread well across the skin. But adding water makes it lather quite a bit, so if more than just a tad is added, it lathers so much that it does not feel like it is scrubbing well. So a word of warning with this product: Use just a bit of water on your skin to scrub and add more to lather it up before washing it off.
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