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Not Just For the Guys, American Crew Shampoo and Conditioner

American Crew Shampoo Review
American Crew

Here is a review for the guys, or for the women who shop for the men in their lives. Or, maybe this is something for the women to try too!After I found that Target started carrying some better hair product brands, I suggested that Ken try American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo for Men and the companion American Crew Daily Conditioner. He had previously used an American Crew styling product, but didn’t want to drive to a salon to get shampoo. So once available at Target, I thought he might like to try it.

We both like the products. Yes, I tried them and hereby declare that they are not just for the guys! The shampoo has a very nice sage scent and it does a good job of providing moisture to the hair and scalp. It lathers well, but doesn’t particularly dry or tangle the hair. Basically it has a very nice rich lather.

The conditioner is really interesting. It has a very strong menthol smell, which I really like in a shower product. I think it makes for a great eye opener in the morning! But if you don’t like the smell of menthol, you really won’t like this product; the smell is not at all subtle. Ken also reported that it made his scalp tingle. He liked that, but others might not. Something that really impressed me with the conditioner was the amount of moisturizing and detangling it provided. When I used it on my hair, it worked nearly as well for me as my current favorite KMS (Read KMS Review. Since my hair is dry and tangles easily, very few products live up to my expectations for moisture and detangling. American Crew was one of them. I have to admit that I occasionally still use a bit instead of my KMS, because it works just as well and I sometimes want that menthol scent! So at least as far as I am concerned this isn’t just a “guy product!”

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