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A Look at Kenzoki Skin Care

Previously, when I thought of Kenzo I thought of perfume, fashion, or handbags because that is the context I knew them in. But Kenzo also makes an interesting skin care line, Kenzoki and I recently had the opportunity to try a few of the products.

Kenzoki labels their line as “skincare that makes you feel good,” and it definitely succeeds. The products are based around plant water and fragrances that focus both on skin care needs and on a specific mood. There are four categories of products: Bamboo Leaf: Energizing; Ginger Flower: Euphoric; White Lotus: Relaxing; and Rice Steam: Sensual. I tried a night cream from the White Lotus line and two interesting products from the Ginger Flower line; a day cream and an eye cream that are meant to be chilled.

kenzoki ice cream A Look at Kenzoki Skin Care

Kenzoki Moisturizer

From the White Lotus line, I tried the Cosmic Cosmetic Cream, gentle night repair treatment. Not surprisingly, since Kenzo is a company that produces fragrances, this lightweight cream smells fabulous. The focus of the product is on soothing and moisturizing agents with a relaxing scent based on the fragrance of the white lotus flower. The cream absorbs quickly and is not at all heavy. It is listed as suitable for all skin types. The product felt nice and I liked the light fragrance, which was also boyfriend approved. The directions state to put it on for ten minutes and then remove using fingertips in a facial massage movement. So this is really more of a treatment product than a full overnight cream.

While I liked the Cosmic Cosmetic Cream just fine, I really loved the other two products that I tried from the Ginger Flower line, which have the unique attribute of being designed for use after being chilled.

The Vital-Ice Cream is a day cream that is a bit thicker and more luxurious than the night treatment that I tried. Because my skin is a bit dry, a thicker cream tends to be my preference, especially when it will be left on my face. This product is listed as best for normal to combination skin, but was also just about right for my slightly dry skin. Focusing on ginger plant water, the product has a nice invigorating scent, with a hint of floral and citrus. Recommended to be used chilled, I liked how it felt on the skin. I tried it later at room temperature and liked it fine that way as well, but I imagine that I will be using this in summer, especially after coming in from outside. The combination of chilled cream and invigorating scent was wonderful.

My favorite of the three is the Ice-Cold Eye Cream, also from the Ginger Flower line. I just love this stuff chilled. The product is a rich cream with the same light scent as the day cream. This a product that definitely makes sense to use cold. With a focus on moisturizers and depuffing/firming agents, the chilling of the product both adds extra punch to the process and feels really good. I’m a sucker for cool (temperature wise) products for the eyes, such a gels, and I really liked how this item felt when put on straight from the fridge. I also tried it at room temperature and it was fine, but I prefer it used cold . If you don’t mind keeping a product in your fridge, I highly recommend giving this one a try!

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pixel A Look at Kenzoki Skin Care


  1. Where have I been? I did not know that Kenzo had a skincare line either!


  3. Iris, I would suggest calling a local Ulta or Sephora store and inquiring if they have it. I have seen other Kenzo products at both stores.

  4. Well if their creams are as good as their perfume, that would be wonderful! Probably smells nice too then :)

  5. White Lotus line is very good product for take care of our skin. I think this Kenzoki also gives good results for skin.
    Thanks for sharing a grate product

  6. Where can i find beauty tech icecream concealer and cosmetics?Thank you

  7. Carleenp says:
  8. Hey, I never heard of Kenzo having a skin care line. I checked it out and it’s quite pricey, but still sounds like it might be worth it.

  9. i wish somebody could tell me how can i buy these excellent products – i am searching for them for some time now and i cannot find a clue..i bought a Kenzo day cream while i was travelling about 2 years ago on the airport and it was extraordinaire.. now where can i find them? please if anybody knows..

  10. Hi ioanna! Here is a link for buying some of the Kenzoki products: http://www.kenzousa.com/index.jp?edge=content.skincareByProduct

  11. Kenzo’s skincare line is only sold on their website: http://www.kenzousa.com/

  12. uh, then you haven’t been in a Sephora for a long time. Sephora has not carried Kenzoki skincare for like, 3 years. Trust me, I know.

  13. Sephora carries the Kenzo perfume lines, so does Ulta. As noted above, I suggest calling such places to inquire about the skin care lines–there is no representation that they carry it. I don’t recall seeing it in either place anytime recently, but it can’t hurt to call and ask. The skincare lines can be bought online (see comments above for links).

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