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Review: Jane Be Pure Minerals, a Good Value Mineral Makeup

jane+minerals Review: Jane Be Pure Minerals, a Good Value Mineral Makeup

I have really been nuts over mineral makeup lately. I keep seeing more and more of it in the stores and I keep buying it! Recently I tried another drugstore brand with pretty good results. Jane Mineral Be Pure Makeup is very reasonably priced. I believe I paid around $6 for mine at Osco. Further, unlike some of the other drugstore brands, this one is talc free. It is also oil free, wax free, and fragrance free. I could not verify though whether it contains bismuth. An ingredient list does not seem to be available online. [update: Based on search results that were not available when I first published this, apparently it does contain bismuth]

I purchased the fair shade and was quite happy with its coverage. Tapping it on with a kabuki brush, I found that it covered a couple of my light melasma spots better than the other drugstore brands I have tried. As with most mineral powder makeup, tapping it on helps it cover better, while brushing it on makes it work more like a regular powder. As for staying power, it was OK. It isn’t going to cover or last the way Jane Iredale or Bare Essentuals do, but I am finding that when it comes to mineral makeup, you often get what you pay for. With that in mind, Jane seems to be a very good value for the price.

Jane Be Pure Minerals are packaged in a jar with a sponge type applicator. I wasn’t crazy about the sponge and highly recommend the purchase of a kabuki brush for putting on mineral makeup. If you want a quality cheap one and live near a CVS pharmacy, take a look at the essence of beauty brush. That is a great line of inexpensive, good value brushes and I have been happy with their kabuki brush. Also, the jar is a bit small for dipping a brush in. I would prefer to see a design where the jar is a bit larger and there is a plastic shaker screen for rubbing a brush on. But aside from nit picking a few packaging decisions, I really like this mineral powder as an inexpensive, good value product.

Update: Jane is getting very hard to find and I suspect that it has been discontinued. for other mineral makeup options, see the comparison shopping link below.

Comparison Shop for Mineral Makeup
 Review: Jane Be Pure Minerals, a Good Value Mineral Makeup

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pixel Review: Jane Be Pure Minerals, a Good Value Mineral Makeup


  1. GirlPaint says:

    Thanks for the product tip. I am a die-hard minerals junkie, but I’ve never tried Jane Be Pure (I’ve loved Jane Iredale, actually, but it’s quite a bit more expensive than this one).

    I used Philosophy’s minerals for a while, but like you, I was not crazy about the sponge-top applicator. Gotta use a brush with these powders, if only to control coverage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    there’s another mineral makeup, the brand is Everyday Minerals. you should try it out! i’ve heard great things about them and they offer free sample kits, but you do have to pay shipping which is about 4-3 dollars.


    i’d tell if you i like it but… i barely ordered my sample kit and haven’t been able to test it out myself yet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I use everyday minerals…and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve also tried bare escentuals, and just about every other mineral makeup you can think of. But everyday minerals is my absolute favorite!! You can’t go wrong with it or the shades..the website is very helpful with getting you the right color and the right foundation for your skin type…i.e..oily, dry, or normal. It never leaves your skin shiny like bare escentuals did for me. And it does not irritate sensitve skin AT ALL! I brag this product up b/c it is by far the best mineral makeup out there, and it is very affordable! Check it out!!

  4. Carleenp says:

    I will have to check out Everyday Minerals. I too find Bare Essentuals to be a bit shiny.

  5. I love the Jane line better than any others!

    I hope they NEVER quit making it…it’s NOT just for the young…I am 53 and it is the ONLY makeup I use

  6. Jane be pure minerals rock!I’m 35 with ruddy skin and it makes my skin fresh and evens the tone and you can’t beat the price!I tried Sheer cover and other ones that were not good,I use shade 3 warmth,and Walgreens has sales on it a lot buy 1 get 1 free.

  7. I LOVE the Jane Be Pure Mineral Line!! It has some of the best mineral products, by far, that I’ve tried. I especially like the oil free mineral bronzer – it has the perfect amound of shimmer!!

  8. The Ingredients list for Jane is readily available on-line if you just type “Jane Be Pure Mineral Ingredients” and the second ingredient is the worst in todays mineral products
    Information below

    Mica , Bismuth Oxychloride , Zinc Oxide , Silica , Diazolidinyl Urea , Methylparaben , Propylparaben , Butylparaben , Tocopheryl Acetate , Boron Nitride , Silk Powder , Magnesium Myristate , Kaolin , Titanium Dioxide May Contain – CI 77891 , Iron Oxides May Contain – CI 77491 – CI 77492 – CI 77499

  9. I’m 51 and just bought my first mineral makeup, Jane Be Pure. Rite Aid had an introductory special for $9.99 – powder, bronzer, blush, eyes and lips, a $36 value. I got the “cool” shades and love them. I’m hooked !

  10. I agrre with Dee, Jane Be Pure is awesome! If you want some more great information about mineral makeup, your welcome to check out my blog.

    I hope you like it and that it can help you in some way.

  11. Brenda Paley Watkins says:

    I have been buying “Jane,” your pure mineral skin perfecting sheer foundation #502 Soft Honey. Yes, I love it. However, this past time, there were no glass bottles available and I had to buy the plastic container, of which I purchased two.

    Low and behold, to my surprise, by the fourth time I started to use it, with about half of the make-up left, it wouldn’t come out of the container.

    Now I am using the extra container I purchased and wondering if I will
    the same problem, which will obviously devastate me.

    I think a better container would be the way to go, don’t you think?

    Thank you for listening, I remain,

    Brenda Paley Watkins

    [personal information removed by editor to protect commentator's privacy per the privacy and comment policies]

  12. Carleen says:

    Hi Brenda! Please note that Beauty and Fashion Tech does not represent Jane cosmetics in any way. We are simply a product review site. I have a Jane foundation in one of the plastic containers and haven’t noted any issues with it, but I also don’t think I have used it much yet. I do note that it is fairly rigid plastic, which could make it hard to get the product in the end of the container out. Hopefully your first tube was just a fluke though!

  13. Brenda Paley Watkins says:

    The plastic containers of #502 Soft Honey, which I love, is extremely difficult to remove from the container. I only used it approximately four (4) times, with 1/2 of a container I could not do anything with.

    I am devastated .. and now I’m afraid I will have to go with a better bottle from another manufacturer. Help!


    Brenda Paley Watkins
    1540 E Trenton Av., Sp. #21
    Orange, CA 92867-3927

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