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Ulta Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review

I took a little field trip to Ulta yesterday and bought some Ulta Eyeshadow to review. Ulta stores are something like a cross between a salon, drugstore cosmetics area, and high end beauty counter. So there is something there for everyone. There are also more Ulta Stores in general than there are Sephora stores, so they tend to be a bit more accessible for many people. The Ulta store I visited carried all of the main drugstore brands of cosmetics, but also a number of upper end lines such as Smashbox, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Elizabeth Arden, and more. There was an extensive bath and body section, full section of hair products, and the store included a beauty salon. Looking to get a bottle of the Opi nail polish color that you chose with your manicure? You can get that there too.
ulta Ulta Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review

Ulta Eyeshadow

I also learned that Ulta has its own cosmetic line, something that I was unaware of. So I picked up a couple of Ulta eyeshadows. At $6.50 per pan, the shadows are decently priced. Ulta arranges their cosmetics with sample tubes and pans available, which provides a nice way to try out the products before you buy and is pretty rare for products that are sold at a drugstore brand price. They also have a very good selection of colors.

Wearing my two new shadows today, I found that they compare nicely to other drugstore type brands. Ulta Eyeshadow is not as highly pigmeted as some higher end brands, and I don’t think they wear quite as well as higher end products, but at $6.50 I wasn’t expecting that. In comparison to other brands of the same price, they do quite well. So if you are looking for drugstore range products, Ulta is worth a try since you can try on colors in the store and see just what you are getting before you buy. Further, if you find that you want to compare colors to drugstore brands, or if you want something more pigmented or higher end, you can simply walk to the other side of the store instead of making a special trip elsewhere. They also are very easy to shop online.

I have to admit that I also visited the other, more expensive, side of the store. I couldn’t stop myself from also getting a Smashbox eyeshadow and a bottle of Opi polish. Overall, it was a fun field trip, and since the Ulta store is much closer to me than the Sephora store, I’m sure I will be back.

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pixel Ulta Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review


  1. I am glad to hear what an actual Ulta store is like. I have shopped the website, but there are no stores on the East Coast, near me, anyway.

  2. Fitzgerald says:

    I LOVE that store. Shopping online doesn’t do it justice. :-)

  3. I have been using Ulta products for several years and especially love their eyeshadow. I use a neutral shade over the lid and a dark violet shade as an eyeliner above and below. I find that they have great staying power in both uses. I do apply my foundation (also Ulta at the moment) on my eyelids before using the shadow.

    I buy my Ulta brand products when they have them buy one, get one free, which is quite often throughout the year.

    And they usually have great premiums at Christmas time, including free home decor items with purchase of fragrance. This year the free item was a pair of large glass columned candle holders in your choice of metal finishes. One year, it was a boudour lamp, which was especially nice.

    I’m a big fan of Ulta!

  4. Carleenp says:

    I will have to watch for the buy one get one free sales. When I went they had buy two get one free. So I got a free nail polish that I am about to try in a bit.

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