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Review of Lumene Skin Care Products

300 6 Review of Lumene Skin Care Products

Lumene Day cream

Over the past week I tried a number of Lumene skin care products with great enjoyment. I also tried a foundation, which I will rave about in its own separate post (update, that review is here: Lumene Foundation). Lumene skin care products originate in Finland and are available in the United States at some CVS stores, Target, and at ULTA Beauty and Drugstore.com. They also sell some of their products in small trial sizes, so if you have a store near you that carries the brand, it is worth checking there in person for trial sizes and various local sales.

First up are the Lumene Sensitive Touch Cleansing Wipes. These worked quite well at removing dirt, oil, and makeup, including eye makeup. The wipes contain oat milk, which helps keep the cleanser from drying the skin. I liked the cleansing pads and will likely purchase more. I had been using Garnier Nutritioniste Cleansing Wipes (link is to previous review), but those tend to be a bit dry. I like the Lumene better because they are not too soapy, yet have a bit more moisture than the Garnier wipes. They also come is great travel size packs.

I also really liked a pair of products from the Lumene Time Freeze line. Lumene puts age ranges on their lines, with age 40 plus listed for the time freeze line. Although it might be good for the company’s marketing, I don’t find the age ranges particularly useful or necessary, because in many cases the products may be very appropriate for people outside of the provided age range. The day and night creams that I tried from the Lumene Time Freeze line are perfect examples. These products would be useful for anyone with somewhat dry skin and/or fine lines or wrinkles.

Lumene Premium Beauty Rejuvenating  Day Cream is a medium weight moisturizer that provides a decent amount of moisture combined with SPF protection. I liked it just as well as a number of other good day creams, yet it is a bit cheaper than some of the equivalent higher end products.

What really shined for me though was Lumene Premium Beauty Rejuvenating Night Cream.  I found this creme to be particularly pleasant to use and a great value as well. The cream is fairly thick and provides enough moisture for dry skin without being too heavy for skin that is only a bit on the dry side. It absorbs quickly and provides moisture for the entire night. So, it does a pretty bang up job for its price. At around $29 for a decent size jar, this is a good value general use night cream.

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Lumene Vitamin C Serum

Another product I tried and liked was the Lumene Vitamin C+  Line. The Vitamin C day cream contains multiple forms of vitamin C and felt great when I put it on. It also smells quite nice with its light citrus scent. I could feel the tingle that comes with the use of vitamin C, so it must have a decent concentration. It also absorbed well and my skin was looking quite good after a week of use (although I do use other products). With a decent price at around $15-20, this is another good value product. I also loved the Lumene energy cocktail serum from the line. So if you are looking for an affordable vitamin C cream or other vitamin c products, this line one is worth a look.

Another of my favorite of the products overall was the Lumene Premium Beauty Rejuvenating Lip Care Lotion. This product has an interesting mix of ingredients. From the description:

“The products’ precious natural sea buckthorn oil contains omega fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen and renew skin. The Tri-peptides™–compound helps restore the skin’s elasticity and youthful glow. A-and E-vitamines stimulates cellular renovation.”

Adding peptides to a lip product greatly interested me since there is a decent amount of ancedotal evidence about the anti-aging, particularly anti-wrinkle, benefits of various types and combinations of peptides. However, whether the combination in this product comes from one of the better documented combinations is unknown (Update: I found that Lumene uses two documented combinations, see my comment). The lip care lotion is a light treatment balm/lotion. It has a nice moisturizing quality and it keeps the lips moist for some time. It has quickly become my favorite lip product for use at night when I want long lasting moisture, but don’t need SPF added. The treatment elements of the product also make it very attractive for night use. It has bit of a taste that is not unpleasant, but not pleasant either. But I would like to see it either entirely devoid of flavor or with something a bit more pleasing. Aside form that, I highly recommend this product.

Overall, I was impressed with everything I tried from Lumene. The company makes numerous products aimed at a wide range of skin types and treatment needs, so I really just got to scratch the surface. If you have a store nearby that carries them, stop in and take a look!

Below are shopping boxes for a few of my favorite Lumene items.  I couldn’t find them all online, so do check stores for them!

 Review of Lumene Skin Care Products

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  1. Carleenp says:

    After a bit of research, I found that Lumene’s peptide compound includes two that have been documented as working as wrinkle treatments. Those are Hexapeptide-8 (argireline)and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 (matrixyl).

  2. Evelyn Bi Teng S. says:

    Hi, Carleenp, thanks for sharing. I am also very much interested in Lumene Most branded skincare have their own unique selling proposition (USP), what od you think is for Lumene? I don’t know how to convince my friends to switch to Lumene than claiming it Nordic beauty, does not sound convincing, any suggestion?

  3. [...] Beauty and Fashion Tech breaks down the Lumene Skin Product Line. [...]

  4. butterflykissez says:

    i bought the vit. c capsules first &loved it! a month ago i bought 20 other products of Lumene make up/ skin care & see the difference already. i only use Lumene & love it & paid a heafty price for it but its all worth it.

  5. trueroseblum says:

    Just bought the Vit.C break-open capsules; tonite is Night#2 of using them; my (fair,sensitive) skin was a bit red today esp. in the afternoon, but, am plugging along w/it. I started w/the Vit.C. on recc. of a dermatologist-written book I got recently. She is big on VIT.C, and “retinols”…Anyway, would like to hear from the lady above me who bought the whole line, and how it’s working for her now, a month later!

  6. I have been using from Lancome to Clarins…and must say that Lumene has gotten to level, where one can say that they are like Clarins…purely natural. Nordic’s mother nature’s gift to us. Even my husband is using Lumene’s Premium beauty line – night serum, day serum, rejuvenating eye cream and day cream. He has always dropped using creams before, as he felt they did not work and were not pleasant enough for sensitive skin…but he loves these. I love the Time freeze skin care line…can only recommend it. Like said…I would not have believed it, but I swapped Lancome to Clarins, and not using also lot of Lumene.

  7. …and NOW using also lot of Lumene.

  8. Is the “Vitamin C+ Radiant C Energy, Age Defying Intensive Care Cream” night or day cream?

  9. Carleenp says:

    Disha: You could use it either day or night. I tend to use Vitamin C creams or serums at night and then add another night cream if my skin is particularly dry.

  10. i am sorry to see that lumene will no longer be sold at cvs who else will carry it?

  11. I have not heard anything indicating that CVS will stop carrying Lumene. In any event, I have also seen a small selection of Lumene products at Target.

  12. I can not find ENERGY COCKTAIL,Fortifying Cream for dry skin!!!HELP!BEST CREAM EVER!

  13. ulta carries the line

  14. barbara dejmal says:

    I tried your makeup base and it is so creamy and feels so good. Do you have a handlotion that has the same effect. What is in the base that makes it so creamy.
    I just love it. Any more produces that have that same effect.

  15. Hi Barbara. This site is not a representative of Lumene. It is product review site. I don’t think that Lumene has a hand lotion, but I am not entirely sure on that. You can find generally them in CVS stores and Ulta stores. Some Target store carry a limited amount.

  16. I have tried so many products and lumene skincare is the best.I like lumene mascara it makes my eyelashes stronger and thicker.Lumene is the only skincare product im using. Highly recommended.

  17. I have been using the Lumene products for a couple of years now and love them, however when I went into my CVS the other day, the girl told me that they were discontinuing the product. Can it be purchased anywhere else?
    Thanks for any help I can get.

  18. Elaine: look for Lumene at Ulta stores. Target also sometimes has a few Lumene items, but not the full line. Also, at the end of the article is a comparison shopping link that will take you to the Bizrate page for Lumene products.

  19. I am also looking for Lumene foundation and I can’t seem to find out where I can purchase it now that it is discontinued in the CVS stores. I did go to a website in Finland but it was unencrypted so I didn’t go there. Please I am almost out of the foundation. thank you.

  20. Carleenp says:

    Ulta carries the Lumene line and is slowing adding more and more items. check the website and also check in a store if possible.

  21. Target Stores carries Lumene products. Go to Target’s website or go to your near Target store and shop until you drop. I LOVE TARGET =)

  22. I’m cursed with facial skin that is so allergic to almost all moistenizers out in the market. The Lumune sensitive skin creams were the only ones I can tolerate now. Even olive oil makes my skin itch. I’m stuck what my skin will tolerate, so as long as I can keep getting Lumene sensitive skin cream, I should be ok for now. As for the other Lumene products, I haven’t tried them so can’t give any feedback.

  23. I have very sensitive and dry skin. I like Olay creams because they don’t have a strong smell but I prefer Lumente Firming Day Cream for the affects it has on my skin. I know most guys don’t bother to take care of there skin but since I started using creams, I look like I am in my 30′s again and my skin looks so much healthier.

  24. Lumene is sold on CVS website. They have the entire line.
    The line is mentioned in the new November issue of Vogue, so expect it to start selling out.

  25. Hey all! Lumene is now at Sears. I added some shopping boxes for info.

  26. This is such a great article here. I was doing searches for reviews on this product and came across this review. Very details and really was useful. This past weekend I just bought 5 different products from Lumene. I switched from Alba products that were really greasy and had a funny smell. I like this product so far after 3 days of using it. The only thing is I am worried about not having any SPF in the day cream I bought…..

    Thanks for doing this post!

  27. At one time it was exclusive to CVS. It will still be sold at CVS, and now other stores. I use most of the Lumene products.
    I neverwant to replace it with anything else. Actually I don’t think it could ever be replaced, at least for me.
    Faithfull Customer

  28. Joe Schroeder says:

    Dermstore.com is also now selling a full range of Lumene skincare products and the Blueberry Curl mascaras. Also FREE shipping available.

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