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Review: Smart Skin Cosmetics Eye Shadow Duo

Kohl's EyeshadowGood Skin is one of the cosmetics and skincare lines exclusive to Kohls stores. Flirt! Cosmetics is the other Kohls brands. I have previously reviewed Flirt’s Peek-A-Blush. The Good Skin brand cosmetics are all fragrance free and non-acnegenic.

I have been using various Flirt products for awhile, but for some odd reason hadn’t really tried Good Skin or American Beauty, both of which tend to focus more on classic, neutral tones. So, when I was looking for some new basic neutral toned eyeshadow, I tried a Good Skin Smooth Color Eye Shadow Duo in butter cream (note: item pictured is a different shade pair). This turned out to be excellent eyeshadow, and I am not really surprised given that Flirt’s eye shadows are also very high quality. Good Skin’s eyeshadow duos come in an attractive case with a white lid. A nice extra touch is that they include an applicator that has a sponge tip on one end and a very usable brush on the other. I rarely use the applicators that come with products, but I have happily used the brush that comes with my Good Skin eye shadow.

The duo I got is a nice basic light tone pair. It consists of a bone color that evens out the skin tone on my lids and then a light tan that I use on my lids. The duo has particularly light shades, so if I want to up the color a notch, I add my favorite medium brown Flirt or M.A.C shade to the crease. The shadow has good pigmentation, stays on all day, and does not crease. At around $14.50 for a duo, it is more than a drugstore shadow, but it competes in quality with some of the high end shadows out there that cost much more. Considering the quality and the good packaging, I think this is a pretty decent value. I also recommend watching for sales. I have purchased cosmetics at Kohls with discounts from 10% to as much as 70% off during various sales promotions.

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