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Hottiedots Adhesive Beauty Marks

A few weeks ago I was sent a fun little product to try called Hottiedots. These are stick on beauty marks that come in a range of shades. I always was kind of fascinated by beauty marks, so I had a good time giving these a whirl. The “dots” adhere easily and are comfortable to wear. According to the company, they are skin tested. The colors appear quite natural, but I did note that they are very perfectly round. That was OK with me, but I think a slightly rough edge might look more natural. Then again, a slightly rough edge might look weird? So I’m just not sure there! They stayed on well for me and I was surprised to find that I didn’t really notice when I had one on. I thought I might feel it or something, but it was completely comfortable. I tried them after applying light makeup, but before using powder. I then read that the inventor suggests using them before makeup application, which makes quite a bit of sense. I think they would look the most natural that way. Plus, that would assure that they adhere well, although I didn’t run into any problems with them staying on.

I had fun wearing some, and they are quite inexpensive. I suppose the only downside is that people who know you are going to know you are wearing a fake. But for a bit of cheap fun, or for anyone looking for a simple way to add a beauty mark, it is a neat little product!

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