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Shoes With Storage: Reef Stash Flip Flops.

A friend pointed these out to me. Are you an outdoorsy woman? Need some comfortable shoes to shop in that you can also use to carry your credit card? Want to easily carry and hide an extra key at the beach? Check out Reef Stash Flip Flops. The flip flop shoes have a storage compartment in the sole. At $46 for a pair, they are a bit pricey, but it is an interesting concept!

shoes iaec1101587 300x300 Shoes With Storage: Reef Stash Flip Flops.

reef stash sandals


  1. Carleenp says:

    Done for you Pip!

  2. If I’m a store clerk, and some babe pulls her credit card out of her shoe — even a hot babe like Pip — it’s NO SALE.


  3. But, but….they don’t come in Tarragon!!!

  4. *kiss kiss*


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