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Patricia Wexler M.D. Instant Injection Line Filler, Instant Airbrush Concealer, and No Injection Lip Plumper

wexler lip plumper.thumbnail Patricia Wexler M.D. Instant Injection Line Filler, Instant Airbrush Concealer, and No Injection Lip PlumperI have been trying out some products from famed Dermatologist Patricia Wexler M.D. First up are some more cosmetic oriented products. I am also trying some anti-aging skin care products that I will write about in a few weeks after I have had time to use them a bit longer.

Wexler’s Instant Injection Line Filler is a nice wrinkle filler that is similar to several other products that I have recently tried but have not yet reviewed. This is a silicon gel product that acts to fill in fine lines so that makeup will sit on top of them instead of sinking in and accentuating everything. I’m a pretty big fan of these types of products. They really do seem to make a difference. If you are familiar with DHC Velvet Skin Coat, it is similar in consistency to that, but perhaps slightly thicker. DHC also makes a thicker wrinkle filler, that is slightly more thick than the Wexler product. You could also envision this as a thick version of Smashbox Photofinish. The Wexler line filler is a nice medium between all of those products for me. It is not too thick and not too thin. It seems to work best under the eyes, with a bit of concealer over it. Which leads to a look at Wexler’s concealer.

Patricia Wexler Fastscription Instant Airbrush Line Smoothing SuperConcealer is a pretty neat product. This is a liquid concealer packaged in a pen. On one end is a brush (with a cover), and on the other is a push tab that clicks the product up into the brush for application. This makes it very easy to carry and dispense without any mess. The concealer itself is pretty good too. One word of warning though, don’t click that tab too much! I initially clicked it a bunch and overloaded the little brush. Once the thing is primed, it really only needs one click. The packaging is also a very attractive deep red color. It is a nice product to look at and to carry.

I also tried the Wexler Advance No Injection Lip Plumper (pictured). Like with every lip plumper I have tried, I didn’t see much plumping. But this still is a nice gloss, and I really do love the tingle that lip plumpers give, including this one.

Patricia Wexler products are available at select Bath and Body Works stores.

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pixel Patricia Wexler M.D. Instant Injection Line Filler, Instant Airbrush Concealer, and No Injection Lip Plumper


  1. Marina P says:

    Wexler’s Line Filler sounds nice, but I don’t really like stuff that just stays on the surface. I want to actually fix the problem. My problem is is that I would rather not wear make-up. I like as little as possible. I have been using this stuff called HydroPeptide and it contains these things called peptides. I guess they already are in the skin, but it basically helps stimulate collagen production to lift out lines. Well, I think it’s actually working. I don’t have to wear as much make-up and I get tons of comments lately. HydroPeptide makes my skin really glow and feels amazing. I think you should test this one out to. It’s much better to get to help correct the fine lines than just cover them up.

  2. Carleenp says:

    There are a number of good products out there with various peptide complexes. Some, but not all of the various complexes have had pretty good reports on their effectiveness in preventing and treating fine lines. I have previously reviewed some from Lumene and Vita Amazonia. I believe that one the Wexler skin care products I am trying also has peptides. So does one of the MenScience products that I reviewed today. Peptides are becoming quite popular. I tend to be a fan of them.

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