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Sally Hansen Natural Shine, Instant Nail Finish

Salley Hansen Natural shineSomething that I suspect will make my list as one of the year’s best new products is Sally Hansen Natural Shine Instant Nail Finish. This product is perfect for when you don’t want to wear nail polish, but want to have a nice clear finish look with little effort. The product dries almost instantly and gives the nails a bit of sheen, so that they look neat and groomed. It also contains vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, sea minerals, calcium, and magnesium to strengthen and nourish the nails.

Natural Shine Instant Nail Finish comes in clear and pink tint. I purchased the pink tint (the gold colored container), which really looks clear to me. Any tint to it is barely noticeable. I love how fast the product dries and it really does look nice. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to doing my nails, and I tend to avoid wearing polish a lot because I always chip it so fast. So this product is perfect for me. Overall I think I will be using this product very often and I definitely recommend it.

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