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The Healing Garden, White Tea Relax Therapy Products

healing garden white tea.thumbnail The Healing Garden, White Tea Relax Therapy ProductsI recently tried four products from The Healing Garden: Holistic Fragances. All were from the White Tea Collection, which is a light relaxing formula.

I’m not the best at describing fragrances, so the best I can say with this one is that it is a light fragrance, that it is indeed relaxing, and that I liked quite a bit. I would describe it as a light floral/herbal scent, and yes, there is a hint of tea in there. I’m not a fan of strong scents and this was just about perfect for me.

The body wash is a nice moisturizing wash, with a light foam and light fragrance. I paired that with the body lotion, which also was a nice textured light lotion that had the same pleasant light fragrance. I also tried the body spray, which is a bit heavier fragranced, but still very pleasant for me to wear.

My favorite was the room spray. I have always loved scented room sprays and this one is particularly nice. The fragrance is just strong enough to scent the room, but still light enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm.

Overall, I liked this line of products and recommend them to anyone who is looking for a relaxing light fragrance.

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  1. Sue Vaughn says:

    I live in Aurora Colorado and I’m not finding
    your white tea spray at Walmarts which used
    to carry it. Where can I find the white tea
    spray. I love it.

  2. Sue: I recently saw Healing Garden items at Walgreens and I think CVS might carry them now too.

  3. I too have searched high and low for the healing garden white tea relax thearpy and was unable to find. please advise where to purchase on-line.

    thank you,

    laura flores

  4. Carleenp says:

    Laura: I’m having a hard time finding the white tea items online. I suspect that the line may be being phased out or is discontinued. :(

  5. Sharon Ashby says:

    I used to be able to purchase The Healing Garden products in Wal-Mart Supercenters, but lately I have not been able to find them. My favorite and the most compliments I have had is the Green and White Tea Sprays. I only have a little White Tea left and I have been using it sparingly until I can find it again.

  6. Carleenp says:

    For those looking for something similar, Elizabeth Arden has a green tea fragrance out right now that smells quite similar (based on my memory anyway). I’ll try to get a review up on that soon.

  7. i bought mine recently at riteaid..i am looking for the green tea but its out of stock at riteaid so i end up in white tea which has a good smell as well..

  8. julia kelly says:

    I am also having a hard time finding the white tea therapy. Does anyone have ideas on contacting the company directly? I work in a hospital and get continuous compliments from coworkers and patients on the clean fragrance of white tea and it is the only scent from the healing gardens that goes over well in my work place.
    Julia Kelly

  9. Does anyone know of the Healing garden green tea?

  10. Unfortunately the Healing Garden line was run by Ascendia Brands which has gone bankrupt. The originator of Healing Garden is COTY which is a major fragrance company. They licensed the HG line to Ascendia and now that Ascendia is bankrupt the HG line is going up for auction.

    What this means is whatever you can find in stores, is ALL there is left! The Healing Garden line is now ‘discontinued’ until further notice. The products will slowly make their way out into the stores, and when they aren’t sold they are returned to the corporate warehouses for storage. If they are not returned they will end up going into the ‘bargain’ bins at discounted prices until they are gone.

    Just north of Atlanta GA a massive amount of Healing Garden products popped up at a few Walmarts in gift packages for Christmas.

    Unfortunately the specific item I have been searching for is the Lavendertheraphy Pillow & Room Spray. The closest I can get to it is the Lavender and Rainwater body mist. Which I bought (ALL) five bottles of. They have probably three 6.4oz bottles of White Tea and Rainwater body mist and maybe 6 bottles of the 2oz bottles.

    I’ll check back in here if anyone has any questions. Or if anyone has or knows where I can get the Lavendertheraphy Pillow & Room Spray.


  11. **UPDATE**

    The entire Healing Garden Product line is coming back! COTY successfully licensed The Healing Garden line to ILEX Consumer Products Group. By spring they hope to have all Healing Garden products (including Lavendar pillow and room spray) back in stock in all major drug stores and grocery stores!

  12. Carleenp says:

    Thanks for the news William! I know that a number of people are looking for the Healing Garden products!

  13. Has anyone seen products in stores yet? It’s the end of May and I have seen a few but I am looking for the Lavendar & Fig line

  14. I just found the white tea and green tea products on fragrance.net. Several others as well, but not the one I am looking for.

  15. Hi, I love the White Tea Therapy products and will be looking for them. Thank you so much! I bought the bath wash at Wal-mart on clearance a while back and wondered what was happening. I am soooooooo glad they are coming back!

  16. It is sold at Kmart and Riteaid

  17. Has anyone found the White Tea products for sale yet?

  18. I found the body spray ar ICKYBLUE.com.
    4.99 + tax for the large spray.

  19. While in a orthopedic rehab center I received a gift pak of Healing Gardens that included the White Tea Whipped Body Lotion. I had some scar tissue on the side of my face that would dry out occasionally and used this for several months (until I ran out) and found my face now as smooth as silk. I too am seeking this product. I have checked WalMart and KMart – have not checked RiteAid or CVS, but I will. Any other suggestions?

  20. I just bought Healing Garden from Amazon. I got the white tea body mist for 4.99 for a big bottle. I think the name of the web-site was extreme closeouts but went through Amazon to get to this place.

  21. The White Tea is my favorite and I have worn it for the past 5 years. I am so bummed that I can’t find it anywhere. I have gone up and down the CA coast to every Walgreens, Walmart and CVS with no luck. I purchased four bottles because I thought that would last me for a while, but I stupidly had a bottle in my purse when I was at the airport. Of course they took it and threw it away. It took everything in me not to tell them where to go.

  22. ma in Italia non ci sono questi prodotti? Sto cercando eau de toilette the healing garden green tea aromtherapy!!!!
    Fatemi sapere al più presto!!!

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