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DermaQuest Dermalash: Eyelash Fortifier?

dermalash DermaQuest Dermalash: Eyelash Fortifier? Can lashes really be made longer, stronger, and healthier with a product? It seems like it should be possible in theory, but I am skeptical.

DermaQuest DermaLash DermaQuest Dermalash: Eyelash Fortifier? is a product that makes such claims. After trying it, I am unable to definitively say yes or no on the matter.

DermaQuest Dermalash consists a conditioning serum with a small brush. The idea is that you are to brush Dermalash at the base of your lashes, and over time the lashes will be fortified, conditioned, longer, and stornger. The serum itself feels fine, and I had no issues trying it and then wearing my contacts. So it seems perfectly safe. But whether it is effective is a big question mark for me.

How can a person really measure this? I used it for about three weeks and can’t say that I noticed any difference, but I’m not sure that I really would. It is not like I examine my eyelashes to the point of noticing minute changes. So, I am skeptical, but the product also did no harm. I can’t say that I would purchase this (I got mine in some beauty samples and promotional materials), but if you have some eyelash concerns, I suppose it can’t hurt anything but your pocketbook to try it!

If anyone has experience with this stuff please post a comment. I’m curious if others saw anything from using it!

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 DermaQuest Dermalash: Eyelash Fortifier?

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  1. I have not tried this but had huge success with a product called Massive Lash. My eyelashes are so long and so full that everyone thinks I have eyelash extensions, I am thrilled with it!

  2. I am a licenced esthetician who received this in promotional materials and can truly say it works. I am a huge skeptic and was surprised to see the increase in thickness and lash length. What I would like to know is if the active ingredient is derived from Travoprost, a drug used for glaucoma that causes, as a side effect, a substantial increase in lash length and thickness.

  3. That is an interesting question Laura! I can’t find an ingredient list for the product, so who knows? It sounds like an interesting possible alternate use for the drug.

  4. Update: A representative of the company wrote to me with the following ingredient information:

    “There are many “lash enhancers” out there in the market and DermaLash is different in the fact that we do not use any drugs in our formulations; just naturally-derived ingredients! The feedback from our clients on this product has been outstanding, with improvement in the lash area being seen as soon as three weeks (great in the eyebrow area, too
    for “plucking incidents”!) It is our feeling that as long as there is a market for lash extensions, volumizing mascara, etc. there is a market for a natural way to take care of the eyelashes, too.”

  5. I tried the dermalash product all summer & LOVED it. Ran out of it and have noticed a dramatic difference from my perspective as well as from the decline in compliments. I just need to find out where to buy more. I originally received it in my “TUBE’.

  6. Well, hate to say hard to trust what you read on these things, because some make work for the company. I have used Jan Marini and Revitalash and both were amazing and fast to work for both my sister and I. A friend tried Dermalash and said results took a long time, so possibly that warrants the cheaper price for it, hard to say. She is getting impatient and switching.

  7. I have not tried DermaLash, but have used Jan Marini and Revitalash. At first the results were fantastic, but after about 8 months of use over half of my lash have fallen out and don’t seem to be growing back. It sure was great in the beginning when everone was complimenting me on such long and thick lashes. Now I have nothing, much less than when I started. I sure hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  8. I was very skeptical about Dermlash, but it did work for me (not spectaularly, but my eyelashes did get a bit longer and certainly thicker). Works for over-plucked eyebrows too. I researched all the ingredients and posted on my blog. [link removed, please see comment policy]

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