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SFRx Age Defying Complex from SuperFoods RX

serum SFRx Age Defying Complex from SuperFoods RXSFRx Age Defying Complex from SuperFoods RX is a potent vitamin C serum and is also one of my favorite new products. From the company behind the popular and well regarded book, Super Foods RX — Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life SFRx Age Defying Complex from SuperFoods RX, The serum provides a good amount of stable vitamin C and a lot of antioxidant power.

I am a pretty big fan of vitamin C, both for its antioxidant properties and because it can be useful in the treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation. I also prefer to deliver it to my skin in a serum. So I was excited to try this product. In addition to vitamin C, the SFRx Complex contains pomegranate, green and black tea, and panthenol, along with other natural ingredients indicated for skin care (also apparently from their list of “super foods”).

The SFRx serum is packed nicely in a bottle with a twist up pump. This allows for easy packing and carrying without worry about making a mess. Turn the top and the pump snaps up. Turn it again and it snaps down. Packaging genius!

The serum itself feels oily, but as far as I can tell, it does not contain ingredients of concern for acne prone skin. I also had no problems with breakouts using the product over a two week period. If anything, my acne improved while I was using it. The oily feeling also provides a nice amount of moisture, and I found that I could use the SFRx serum before bed without using a night cream over it. For day use, it absorbs fairly quickly, but not immediately, so it isn’t the best to put on if you want to go straight to makeup from the serum application.

The serum also causes quite a bit of tingling and a heating sensation when it is applied. It contains sweet pepper, so that may be part of the reason for the heating sensation. Vitamin C will also usually cause a tingling sensation. It was pretty strong with the SFRx Complex, so people with sensitive skin might want to proceed with caution.

My skin was visibly improved within a matter of days from using the SFRx Age Defying Complex. My skin was brighter, well moisturized, and I had less acne while using the product. Used in combination with my regular skin lightener (the skin brightener from skin actives scientific), I found that I got a bit of extra lightening of my melasma, which was a nice bonus. I certainly got more from this product than I have gotten from the other vitamin C products I have tried. As a result, the Superfoods SFRx Complex has become part of my regular skin care routine.

The Super Foods RX website is currently offering a free trial of the SFRx Complex

Update: The free trial requires a subscription of sorts, and you will be charged if the product is not returned within 30 days of the shipping date (note that is the ship date, not the date it is received, and the item must be returned).  Please see the comments for complaints about this process. Because of the comments, I do not recommend the “free” trial, or I suggest that it not be considered a true free sample of the product.   

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  1. Lyn Batllori says:

    Plse advise if there is an outlet in the South of France where I could get a sample of this age defying serum. Also what is the cost in euros???

    Lyn Batllori

  2. Hi Lyn,

    I have no idea if you can get this in France, although I imagine that you can order it online (use the links in the main post). I suggest writing to the company and inquiring about purchases in Europe and costs. It is around $60 in U.S. dollars.

    Here is the contact link for the company: http://sfrxcomplex.com/contact.asp?cid=0000&sid=

  3. read the fine print! when you go to return the product, if the product severly burns your face like it did mine, they make it impossible to return. They are extremely rude, I called them within 1 week of using sample product and had a major problem NOT being charged any additional charges. They threatened to charge me the $69.00 fee for the next shipment if they didnt return the unused product!!! I was willing to eat my $6.95 delivery fee on the “free sample”, I just didnt want the next shipment sent to me but they were going to charge me anyway. What right do they have on insisting that you return a “free sample”??? I have reported them to the Bureau of Consumer Affairs and expect a response from them soon.

  4. Based on the comment from Denise I took a look at the terms of the free trial on the site. Before final submission, the order form shows this at the bottom:

    “Terms & Conditions:

    Terms and Conditions: Start your FREE trial now to receive a full 60-day supply of SFRx Complex Age Defying Serum. You only pay a small shipping and handling fee! You’ll have 30 days from the ship date to evaluate the product and see the results for yourself. If you enjoy this formula, simply do nothing. You will be billed the super low price of $69.95 for your 60-day supply at the end of your 30-day trial period…a 20% savings from retail prices! If, for ANY reason, you decide that SFRx Complex Age Defying Serum is not for you, simply call (800) 998-5667 within 30 days and return the unused product and SFRx Serum containers. You will NEVER be billed for the product. Plus, when you accept this FREE Trial, you will also receive a FREE membership in the SFRx membership program. This is an auto-ship program. That means that you’ll continue to get a fresh 60-day supply of SFRx Complex Age Defying Serum every two months for the low price of $69.95 (plus S/H)… a 20% discount off of store prices! No commitments, no hassles. Cancel anytime.”

  5. ” No commitments, no hassles” untrue. it also doesnt state that the only reason you can get off the “program” is if you return the unused portion of your “free sample”. it cost me $10.00 to return the “free sample” and $6.95 to receive the “free sample”. The best product on the market, I have found is Murad, hands down! you get free samples for “free” imagine that! and if you dont like them you dont have to return the “free sample”- amazing!! and you dont get roped into any kind of a “program”. check out beauty product ratings and you will always find these guys on top. I just spent 220.00 on their products after trying the “free samples” and being truly impressed. SPRX lost a great customer, my experience with their products were horrible on customer satisfaction and customer service. I would never try their stuff again. BUYER BEWARE!!

  6. I agree that Superfoods customer service is difficult to work with…they happily say okay to everything, but don’t seem to get what the problems are. They have never been rude to me, but instead agreeable and non-responsive…to the point of maddening aggrivation. That being said, they don’t offer a “free sample” it’s called a “free trial.” The terms of the trial are clearly stated, so although I don’t like the terms…it’s the customer’s responsiblity to know and abide by them. It’s our freedom of choice to get involved or not. And, in my opinion, the product is worth the hassle of dealing with them…yes, it is that good. From what they told me, you can cancel out of the program and buy the product directly. It’s got a slightly higher price tag if you buy it separately, but it’s another option. The serum has been nothing short of miraculous for my skin. I hope they can get the customer service issues ironed out.

  7. Murad is a much better product any day! You should try it.

  8. Jean Severson says:

    I was glad to finally find some commentary on“SFRx Age Defying Complex from SuperFoods RX”! I have to agree on comments before me – I think this product rocks! I am 59 years old and it’s the first product I have used where I really noticed a NOTICEABLE POSITIVE difference in my skin! I am a Philosophy girl big time, but this SFR complex made a much bigger difference in my skin tone and wrinkles – I absolutely loved it.

    However, I also agree on the customer service – it completely sucks! It’s the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with! I got the 30 day trial and was charged after 30 days but never again did I receive another vial of this product. I have contacted customer service 4 times via phone and email – the emails go unanswered and the phone calls were pretty much a waste of time.

    Most of the time the person on the phone can only verify that yes I did get the trial and eventually I’ll be getting another vial since I’m now officially on a membership in the auto-ship program and will be charged at that time. – This never happens.

    Their customer service people don’t seem to have a clear command of the English language so it’s totally frustrating to try to get my problem resolved. Every time I call and finally get the person to understand why I’m calling, they put me on hold to go ask a supervisor what the answer to my question should be.

    I also can’t believe with a product this good – that there is no place on their website where you can sign in and look at your established account.

    I’m still trying to figure out if they are ever going to send out the next vial of their skin formula.

    I wish there was some where I could write to the owners of this company and tell them about my negative experiences with their customer service people.

    It’s really too bad because this is definitely an outstanding product.

    One other thing…they state on their site that you can also purchase more than one container at a discount price so I asked the customer service rep. to tell me about it and she put me on hold to ask a supervisor and then came back and told me in order to order more than one vial, I’d have to have my husband open a new account. How insane is that?

  9. I too had issues with their “trial”. I did not have great results with the product so, thinking I had 30 days to try it, in fact the 30 days starts when they ship it not when you receive it, and you have to have it back to them within that 30 days. So basically you have 15 days to try the “sample”, or be billed for the product.

  10. Vicky Sellers says:

    Just got back from the bank, had to go there to file with VISA for the refund they promised.
    The ad reads FREE then it says return within 30 days of shipping, how can you have a 30 day trial but have to have it returned before 30 days? Says FREE then how can they charge for FREE? Just what is FREE? SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!! Not done with them yet! Everyone contact your credit card company and complain about the deceptive way they do business, maybe VISA/MC will pull there merchant account to protect the public.

  11. i received your package today but will be unable to test it until the hurricane blows over. we are leaving town tomorrow and i need to know the last date that i can return your product without having to pay for it, as your free trial offer suggests.we lost everything in katrina, and we must secure everything and leave for safer ground. please let me know the date on which the package must be postmarked. thanks, [email address removed per privacy policy]

  12. Hi Alexandra. Myself and Beauty and Fashion Tech are not a representatives of the company and have no control over how they handle refunds. I merely reviewed the product on my site. From comments, it sounds like the return must be within 30 days of the shipping date.

  13. I’m not sure what happened, but I recieved the following comment from
    Manda Stuart on an error code page. I am copying it here:

    “I have tried to email and call to cancel my order for the Age Defying Complex but,the telephone number does not work and the email comes back!! So, if this is the only way to contact you here goes: CANCEL MY SKIN PRODUCT. It does not do what you have said. Send me a confirmation. CXL to
    [personal information removed per privacy policy]”

    My reply: I am not a company representative. So I cannont do anything about returns of the product. Based on the nubmer of customer service complaints I no longer recommend this item.

  14. I have to disagree with a lot of the postings. I love this product and think it has stopped and reversed wrinkes for me, especially crowsfeet around the eyes. I was easily able to stop future shipments just be calling them. They were not rude at all, actually very accomodating and didn’t ask me any questions. The reason I stopped the automatic shipment is that it was lasting longer than 2 months per bottle. I am running out now so am going to call to get another shipment.

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