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Befine food skin care at CVS

I picked up a couple of the Befine food skin care products at CVS the other day. The Befine products are made with vegetarian proteins and are allergen, fragrance and paraben free.

The first item I tried was the Pore Refining Treatment Scrub. This light scrub contains coconut, jojba and citrus. It is very lightly exfoliating. I tend to prefer a harder scrub–basically if it doesn’t feel like my skin is being sanded off, I don’t trust that it is working (yes, I know that I am nuts). So this light scrub it isn’t one that I would use daily, but it felt great on the skin and would be perfect for the person who wants a gentle scrub. I figure that is likely most of you!

I also tried the Warming Clay Mask, with cardamom, arnica, and pomegranate. This stuff was pretty cool! Well actually, it was literally pretty warm! When it says warming, it means it. When mixed with a bit of water, the product warms up, which feels oddly refreshing. My skin was left looking radiant and I will most definitely use this product again!

Sorry that I lack photos! These are so new that none of my sources for public domain or authorized photos have pictures up.

Befine products are available at CVS pharmacy stores.

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pixel Befine food skin care at CVS


  1. I’m glad you put a post up about Befine. They’re a great company, and they don’t do any animal testing on their products.
    Best to you,

  2. Unfortunately there is no CVS in HI… I wonder if this is similar to Weleda Skin Food which I now use….

  3. I’m the same way about scrubs, I know it’s not the best gauge, but I agree with the sandpaper sentiment. I think i need another sensation along with the scrub to make the sandpaper feel less important. This may be it, thank you!!

  4. As much as I enjoy the concept of “natural” lines,
    they all seem to be way too rich for my skin and hair (I’m really oily and most natural products turn me into a greaseball) Yet, I keep trying. :)

  5. Nice! Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t seen the products at CVS, and I’m always looking for companies that don’t animal test and use more natural ingredients. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for Befine!

  6. Oooh, I love warming masks! I have no idea if it’s actually good for skin to get all warm like that, but it feels sooooo nice. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks!

  7. I love anything natural and this is something I’m not familiar with so thanks!

  8. Always nice to hear of affordable beauty products. I’ll be sure to look for this line in CVS soon!

  9. I really like warming masks and products (Olay’s got a couple of them that I’m crazy about), and it sounds like this mask would smell very good…I mean, cardamom and pomegranate?!? lol, I know what I’m getting this weekend at CVS :)

  10. I have been using these products since July and I loooove them! I love that they don’t test on animals and they don’t have the synthetic fragrances, which i am allergic to. My favorites are the clay mask, toner, night cream and exfoliating cleanser. I highly recommend the Evening sampler kit, they come in cute travel sizes and gives you enough to test it out for a couple of weeks.

  11. i tried their warming clay mask and honestly it felt like it wasnt for me. It left a heavy grease feeling on my skin(i have very oily skin) and had to wash my face off about 3 times. I havent tried any of their other products.I love natural products! P.S Amybecca! I have oily skin also! Dont give up on natural products. Whats worked for me was Alba Botanicals moisturizer and face wash. For makeup i use REAL mineral makeup from alchemistsapprentice.com and of course regular witch hazel for toner you can buy at any store usually. Good luck!

  12. Diana: I really like Alba Botanicals as well. They also have some gel based masks that I imagine would be well suited for oily skin.

    Here is my write up on their papaya mask: http://www.beautyandfashiontech.com/2007/07/alba-hawaiian-papaya-facial-mask.html

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