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So I was walking through Target, which meant that I was also taking my mandatory trip past the cosmetics aisles to see what is new. That is where I found my new favorite hand cream from Soap and Glory Cosmetics.

There in front of me was this big pink (very pink) display, full of fun looking stuff such as soaps and hand creams and lip plumpers. Being in need of hand cream, I grabbed a small size tube, took it home, and became very, very happy.

The Soap and Glory’s Great Shakes Hand Cream says right on the tube: “The most astonishing hand cream ever? You Decide!” I don’t know that I will go so far as to say the most astonishing ever, I have to leave myself a bit of wiggle room after all, but this is one heck of a good hand cream. It fells great, absorbs well, yet stays moisturizing, and with fennel and lotus flower, it smells terrific!

I honestly was pretty darn amazed to stumble across such a great thing in a new line at Target. Then I found out that the Soap and Glory products are from Marcia Kilgore, the woman behind the Bliss spa products. That made the high quality clear. What still amazes me is that it was at Target and at a very decent price (I think $3.99 for my small tube).

This stuff is very new and The Soap and Glory website looks like it is just getting off the ground. But apparently you can find this great hand cream, along with some other interesting looking products at Target. It is associated with Boots, so it can possibly be found anywhere that Boots products are sold and is available at Boots stores in the UK. Just look for the big pink display!

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  1. Heh, I’m jealous! I went into Boots today for a look around and they only had small sizes of the body scrub, shower gel and body cream but no small hand cream.
    Can you describe further what it smells of? just to see if i’d liek it with the large tube..

  2. The scent is quite floral. It is described as fennel and lotus flower, but I notice the flower more than the fennel. I think it is closer to a rose scent. The scent is quite definite. You will certainly notice it, but I don’t find it overwhelming. You might be able to pop open the cap on one in the store to smell it. I don’t remember the one that I bought being sealed shut.

    Oh, and when I was in Target this week, they were almost sold out of all the Soap and Glory stuff!

  3. Melinda Jasso says:

    I like it as well the display is quite eye catching.pleasant smell great moisture in a shabby
    sheek container.try the righteous butter its great
    after a bath and scrub.

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