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Zensation Brightening Mask

Zensation Brightening MaskZensation Brightening Mask is a luxury mask from Zensation Switzerland. I really enjoyed using this mask, and while I won’t declare it as any sort of cure for hyperpigmentation and melasma, it is wonderful to use and it does leave the skin looking better.

First off, the mask smells wonderful. The scent is not strong or overwhelming. Instead it is just a nice light scent that is a joy to wear. The mask is a lotion that is left on for 20 minutes and then washed off. It is not drying, does not feel sticky, and is very comfortable. I found that my skin felt slightly moisturized after using it.

The mask contains seabuckthorn extract for a high vitamin C content and various extracts to lighten the skin. The one that jumped out at me as something with some proven effectiveness is mulberry extract. I did not see any immediate fading of discolored areas, but my skin in general looked more radiant after using the mask several times. Plus it is just so nice to wear!

Zensation also has some pretty packaging, so it looks quite good on the shelf.

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