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Dior Eye Shadow Five Colour Compact

dior eyes Dior Eye Shadow Five Colour CompactI finally got around to trying one of the Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow Compacts Dior Eye Shadow Five Colour Compact. Why did it take me so long? Well, it is expensive and I have tons of eyeshadow already!

So, I have to admit though that I love the stuff! This is some nice shadow. Very silky and super high pigment, even in the very light shades. Often I find that some brands that do well with pigments in the deeper shades, fall a bit short on pigmentation in the lighter shades. One example is Smashbox, whom I really do adore, but my light pink eyeshadow from them barely shows up!

That is not the case with Dior. The light shades in my compact, along with the light pink in my recent Ebay purchase of the Diorissime Palette show up beautifully and keep showing for the full day. I was able to build intensity with the colors, and creasing was at a minimum. I was also impressed with the general quality and matching of the shades.

I’m glad I finally gave Dior a try. I have to admit though that I like my Diorissime palette better than the five color compact, mainly because the packaging is so much nicer and at basically the same price. I am hesitant to buy any shadow at over $50, no matter how nice it is, especially when brands like M.A.C. put out quality shadows at very reasonable prices. I will likely keep buying some of Dior’s limited edition stuff in the nice leather palettes though. I love the packaging (pst… check out their holiday palettes)!

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 Dior Eye Shadow Five Colour Compact


  1. But the Dior shadow compacts are 5 colors for $50. Less expensive than Mac at $13-14 per color.

    Granted with Mac you can pick your shades individually, but for basic, gorgeous and perfectly matched shades, you just can’t beat a Dior palette.

  2. That is a good point. If they were not so good at giving nicely matched shades with every one being useful, I would disagree. But Dior does that very well, making the palettes a pretty good deal as long as you don’t mind the all at once cost.

  3. I’ve never tried Dior shadows (like you, I have a ton of them too!) Sounds like the color payoff is good. What did you use for base?

  4. I tend to use various things for eyeshadow base. Most often I use Benefit Lemon Aid, but I also sometimes use just a bit of eye cream or foundation. Sometimes I use nothing. I also like the Ulta shadow base, which is sort of a cheaper version of Lemon Aid. I find that if I use too much of anything that I end up getting creasing later in the day. But the color always lasts better with a base.

  5. LOVE dior shadows! they are amazing, never have needed a eyeshadow base. They beat m.a.c. any day. In fact I used to be a fan of mac before I started using dior and now will never use a mac eyeshadow, not even for free.

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