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Chanel Foundations: Vitalumieries and Double Perfection Makeup

Chanel Vitalumieries FoundationI know a number of women who swear by Chanel Vitalumieries Foundation. I recently got a few samples of this foundation and had mixed results.

I love Chanel cosmetics, so I had high hopes for this rather expensive product. For my first try, which did not fare so well, I used the foundation over plain sunscreen and moisturizer. It went on fine and look fine, but I just plain did not see anything special about it to justify the price tag.

However, when I used the foundation over a silicon primer, I found that it really stood out. The product has some luminizing properties that for whatever reason did not really work well until used over a primer. At that point I loved it and prefer it over my less expensive foundations because my skin looked nearly perfect with it on. So the upshot is that Chanel Vitalumieres is one that I would happily wear when going all out, but would not likely choose for day to day use when I just want to put on moisturizer and a bit of foundation.

I also tried samples of Chanel Double Perfection Foundation. This one is quite nice, but it  wasn’t right for my skin, which was particularly dry when I tried it. The foundation goes on wonderfully smooth and dries quickly to a matte finish. It then lasts quite well. For anyone without dry skin, Chanel Double Perfection is a wonderful foundation and comes recommended by many. But on dry skin, a mattifying foundation just doesn’t work for me. I’m hoping to try this one again in the summer, when I will appreciate the silky matte finish.

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