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Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

At first I thought these Hello Kitty Contacts were creepy. But I do love Hello Kitty and now they are starting to grow on me.

hello kitty contacts 2thumbnail Hello Kitty Contact LensesUpdate: There is a pretty strong indication that these are not real. I have seen a number of people express the view that the contacts are photo shopped. And ,as much as people seem to be looking to buy Hellow Kitty contact lenses, I can’t find them for sale anywhere.

Anyway, Hello Kitty Contacts, Yeah or Nay? Source: Hello Kitty Hell.

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pixel Hello Kitty Contact Lenses


  1. I’m gonna vote “oh hell nooo!”

    They are definitely too creepy for me and look uncomfortable to even wear…

  2. Holy crap, that is creepy! Hello Kitty is cute when she’s not literally ‘in my eyes’!

  3. Those are a bit weird, lol. I linked this article in my Saturday post at bellevere.net. Enjoy the link love!

  4. Maybe Halloween.

  5. Wow! I was always meaning to ask this but do they change your vision?

  6. I think they are so adorable!! But only if you really like hello kitty. I’m trying to get a pair this summer.

  7. i absolutely adore them :)
    i love hello kitty, i really want a pair.

  8. Where do you get hello kitty contacts I want them!

  9. I love them, I want a pair. Where did you get them?

  10. Omg yes i would where do yo buy them like off line some one give me a link please

  11. They look awesome and interesting (:

  12. Christian Amanda says:

    I want a pair. But I can nvr find where to buy them. Can you tell me how?

  13. I absolutely adore them!!! :D i so need a pair. does anybody know where i cn buy them??

  14. I really l0ve hell0 kitty im in l0ve with her.. But where can i get these contacts fr0m? Can any0ne help?

  15. Hola solo quiero saber donde los venden!! Los tienen en Mexico?? Please Respondan!! Thanks Yo amo a esta gatitaa!!

  16. They’re a fake.
    There is no such thing.
    This is the only picture availible for these “lenses” and I can easily tell its a photoshop trick.

  17. moani langi says:

    where did u get it frm?

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