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M.A.C. Cosmetics Originals Collection

MAC Cosmetics Originals CollectionI have been having quite a bit of fun with the M.A.C. Originals collection. Based on past best selling shades, the collection has some fun colors, pigments, and glitter, with a bit of a retro feel.

I have a number of favorites in the collection. In the eye shadows, Frisco is a great pink shade that stands out, yet isn’t overwhelming. It might sound odd to pair pink shadow with a blue eye pencil, but I did, with a bit of gray/blue shadow in the corner crease, and I liked the look.

The excitement that the collection’s navy blue eye pencil, indigo, caused me is hard to describe. Last year, I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for a navy blue eye pencil and could not locate one–not even a cruddy cheap one. So obviously the one that appeared in the M.A.C. originals collection has been getting used a lot! It is a great shade, and the pencil is very smooth. No tugging with one. I love it!

The collection also features one heck of a good mascara. M.A.C.’s Mascara X has a funky looking football shaped brush and I was initially skeptical when I first saw it. But this mascara creates wonderfully defined lashes. This has to be one of the least clumping mascaras that I have tried in some time.

The collection also includes some great lipsticks and lipglass shades, including a couple of deeper lipglass colors, avarice and real desire, that have quickly become new favorites for me. For more on that see my post over at Girl Gloss.

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