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Review: Laura Mercier Foundation: Oil Free and Silk Creme

200 lm oil free Review: Laura Mercier Foundation: Oil Free and Silk CremeA change of season always makes me search for new foundation. I like something light and oil free in summer, while in winter I want a bit of moisture. I also tend to need decent coverage because of I have areas with light melasma and hyperpigmentation. I recently tried two different Laura Mercier foundations, one for lighter, oil free coverage, and one for full coverage. I am quite happy with both.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Review: Laura Mercier Foundation: Oil Free and Silk Creme provides light to medium matte coverage. It also has illuminators to help fine lines seem less apparent. The luminating quality of it is what I like. I have not seen that much in oil free foundations. The foundation is also fairly buildable, so you can create sheer coverage in some areas and medium in others. However, it did not build enough to fully cover my areas of melasma. I added a bit of concealer for that. The shade porcelain ivory worked quite well for my very fair skin.

200 lm silk creme Review: Laura Mercier Foundation: Oil Free and Silk CremeLaura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review: Laura Mercier Foundation: Oil Free and Silk Creme is one of the best foundations I have come across for medium to heavier coverage that is also moisturizing. Although the foundation seems rather light, it covers quite nicely, and like the oil free foundation, can be built up for heavier coverage as needed. Also like the oil free foundation, it has some illuminating properties. Laura Mercier advertises “the flawless face.” Applied over a silicon primer, and finished with a touch of concealer and powder, I did obtain a nearly flawless look. The shade soft ivory worked well with my pale skin.

Laura Mercier products are not cheap. But I will likely continue buying the silk creme foundation. That one is worth the higher price to me. I like the oil free foundation as well, but am wavering on whether I think it is really worth the $42 price tag. Perhaps if I had oilier skin and really desired or needed the luminizing factor.

Interested in more Laura Mercier products? See my previous review of the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer. Also watch for an upcoming review of the concealer.

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 Review: Laura Mercier Foundation: Oil Free and Silk Creme

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pixel Review: Laura Mercier Foundation: Oil Free and Silk Creme


  1. I love reviews and these were great ones! I actually haven’t owned a LM foundation myself but the Silk creme sounds amazing. I can’t wait for your concealer review to come on the site!

  2. Which was paler, oilfree in porcelain ivory, or silk creme in soft ivory? I found porcelain ivory a little too brown for me, wonder if I should try the soft ivory.


  3. Carleenp says:

    Kl: I just went and took a look. The Silk Creme is definitely lighter. It also has less of a brown tint to it than the Oil Free. This is especially true after they are blended a bit. Once blended, the tint to the oil free was still a bit apparent, while the Silk Creme appeared pretty much like a true porcelain shade. Funny since it is the other one that carries the porcelain name! Before blending,the Silk Creme looks a bit pinkish, but that blended out well.

    If I was Laura Mercier, I would consider switching the shade names on these! They are fairly similar shades, but the differences are noticeable when put side by side (something I had not done before) and I would have swapped their shade names.

  4. Thanks for replying! I used to have the oil free in porcelain ivory, but it made me look a little like my face was stained with tea, it was slightly brown! My skin is pale and yellow undertoned, no brown in it (I’m a redhead with blue eyes). If the Silk Creme soft ivory is pinkish that would look chalky on me and odd against my very pale white but slightly yellow neck – I’ll try to see a tester first if possible, they don’t sell it in my town, but I could get to London.

    thanks again for taking the trouble to check for me!

  5. Laura has great foundations for oily skin. My pores are quite big and it covers them very well.

  6. I just went and bought the oil free foundation and i love it the only thing is make sure you have a powder to go over it. that gives you a flawless look. its great for heavy coverage and covers my big pores i just absoultly love it.

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