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Beauty and Fashion Tech Goes on a Diet With Ten Years Thinner, by Christine Lydon, M.D.

ten years Beauty and Fashion Tech Goes on a Diet With Ten Years Thinner, by Christine Lydon, M.D.I like my pasta and beer! So much so that I have also gained around 15 to 20 pounds since I moved from Nebraska to Illinois a year and one half ago. ACK! So when the topic of doing a review of a diet book came up among members of the Beauty Blog Network, I agreed to think about it. After I read the book, I jumped on board.

Beginning tomorrow (February 18), I will start the six week plan from the book Ten Years Thinner Beauty and Fashion Tech Goes on a Diet With Ten Years Thinner, by Christine Lydon, M.D., by Christine Lydon, M.D. The book has been getting pretty good ratings and I am looking forward to trying it. As I go through the program I will post each week on my progress.

A bit about the book and the program: As far as diets go, The Ten Years Thinner plan does not strike me as a fad or an unhealthy plan. To the contrary, the book does a great job of providing nutrition education and sources are well documented in a detailed reference section.

Unlike the fad protein diets, the Ten Years Thinner plan encourages eating fruits and vegetables and does not leave you feeling like every single gram of carbohydrate is evil. The diet does start out rather restrictive though, in part to test for food sensitivities, which is something I have been meaning to do anyway. The first two weeks do not allow starchy vegetables like corn, peas, or potatoes, nor do they allow grains, legumes, or dairy products. Those items are all introduced back in over the course of the six weeks. That means the first two weeks are going to be full of fish, chicken, veggies, and lots of eggs for breakfast. I guess I will survive. It is a good thing that I like fish, broccoli and eggs.

There is also no alcohol for 6 weeks. Now that might kill me! I like my wine and beer and waymarking brewpubs is a favorite hobby of mine. So we will see how I do with that.

The book also includes an exercise program that focuses on free weights that you can do at home. It rejects the popular routine of 45 minutes on the treadmill in the fat burning zone in favor of bursts of energy and muscle building. My only concern with this is that I actually enjoy the gym and the cross trainer machine, but since I was already doing sprint like intervals on the cross trainer instead of a slow even pace, I think I can continue with that as long as I also do the weight program. The online support indicates that I can.

Speaking of online support, the book also has a companion website, and the author is active in its forums. I find that rather refreshing. It isn’t often that you can start a plan from a book, ask the author questions, and actually get answers! The forums also provide a great place for general support and recipe sharing. Want to know how to make a chicken egg drop soup that meets all of the week one limitations? Check there!

As I mentioned, I start the program tomorrow. Watch here for weekly updates on my progress. If other members of the Beauty Blog Network join in, I will link to them as well. If you try the program yourself, also feel free to comment with your thoughts!

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 Beauty and Fashion Tech Goes on a Diet With Ten Years Thinner, by Christine Lydon, M.D.

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pixel Beauty and Fashion Tech Goes on a Diet With Ten Years Thinner, by Christine Lydon, M.D.


  1. Wow, I love the idea of exercising with free weights instead of running back and forth to the gym! Good luck! :)

  2. Good luck, Carleen! I should totally do this with you… I need to get the book :)

  3. Erika: Let me know if you decide to do it!

    Lilan: I did the free weight program for the first time last night and it is very easy to do at home. I also got pretty much as good of a workout from it as I get at the gym, which was a welcome surprise!

  4. That’s wonderful to hear that you can get a good enough work out at home! I might need to check this out for myself. Please keep us updated! :)

  5. I plan to post weekly updates. Initially I said on Mondays, but now I think Wednesdays since that is the day after I take new measurements each week.

  6. you can do your entire workout at home… no need for a gym… go for it!

  7. 6 weeks without any booze. I would struggle with that, but I’m sure the weight loss would be worth it. I’m going beauty mad at the minute, with make up and human hair extensions etc, and dieting and toning up in general is my next step. I’ll have a good long ponder over the 6 week ‘booze’ ban first then decide whether to do this or not. Sounds good!


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