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Total Nail RX Nail Treatment Products

The Total Nail RX line of nail treatment and specialty products is fairly new to the market. I have seen it only at Walgreens, so it may be exclusive to them.

nail rx Total Nail RX Nail Treatment Products
The line features a number of items aimed at various nail issues, such as chipping, strength, ridges etc. It also features a French manicure set and base and top coats. I purchased the Fill Me In surface smoothing base coat and the Slick Fast Dry top coat.The Nail RX base coat did a nice job of filling in ridges and providing a good surface for polish to adhere to that is not too slick, but not overly tacky. The base coat appears to be a peach color in the bottle, but it dries clear.

The Slick Fast Dry top coat also worked quite well. It provided a quick hard surface and gave off a nice amount of shine.

My one complaint about the line is that the bottles come with a thick rubber band around the lids that I suppose is meant to make it anti-slip when using the brush. But the band falls off of the bottom and I found it uncomfortable if pushed up. Fortunately, it is easy to remove, so it would not stop me from purchasing the items, nor does it prevent me from recommending them.

Look for Total Nail RX products at Walgreens stores by the other nail products. Price regularly runs from around $7-$10, but I have seen the items on sale fairly frequently.

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  1. Hope, this one will help! I have already tried a lot of nail treatment products and they failed to make my nails better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have struggled for years with nail polish not sticking. I could never get it to last more than 24 hours without peeling or chipping. That was until I found Total Nail Rx “Stick on You” base coat. This is a blue tinted base coat. My polish has been on for almost a week now and still looks great. I even scrubbed my cabinets and floors with it on and it still is good! I found my product at Walgreens on clearance. I hope that isn’t a sign that they are discontinuing it.

  3. The “Rescue Me” Total Nail RX product instructs you to apply one coat of “Toughen Up” extra strength base coat and then finish with one coat of “Rock On” nail hardener. The weak, peeling and splitting nails will strenghthen in 10 days. My question: After the first day that I use these products, do I remove it with polish remover the next day and repeat the steps for 10 days? Or do I keep polishing over for the next 10 days?

  4. Shamira: I take it to mean that the product should be applied once and then left on for 10 days. This is because most strengthening products are meant to be used like standard polish–they are put on and left on. Also, using polish remover on your nails daily would not be very good for them.

    It would likely be fine to remove the products and reapply every five days or so though. Or in the alternative, apply a new top coat every few days when it chips.

    Let us know how it works for you! I am considering trying some more of the Total Nail RX products.

  5. I use the Total Nail RX “sudden Strength” nail growth treatment & strengthener. I have been a victim of the acrylic nails since I was 15 years old (I’m 35 now). So I’ve had a time trying to get my nails to grow. This product has definately made my nails thicker. Would highly commend! I also purchased @ Walgreens.

  6. Lou Fortune says:

    I hope Carleenp is corect as I too wondered how often to use the product. I’ll tell you know the results I have – I used to have the ‘best nails in town’ per my friends and then using a bad product coupled with a lot of stress destroyed them! This is ‘last hope’…

  7. I have always had strong beautiful nails until last year when they became weak. They were spliting and peeling constantly. I searched long and hard for an answer and tried any suggestion that I was given. But after 6 months of nothing working, I found Total Nail Rx. Finally my nails are getting their strength back. Thank Nail Rx!

  8. Lou Fortune says:

    Well – I have been using the Nail Rx for about a week now – I have taken it off and reapplied it every 3-4 days (3 applications so far) and I do see improvement. A ways to go yet – but looking good.

  9. Just bought the product for weak and peeling nails and as others, have used lots of products with no help. Nail Tek works but peels off. Immediate downside is NO INSTRUCTION insert – leave on?? take off when?? !!!! So will take Charleen P’s advice and see what happens! Thanks!

  10. Well – I have been using the Nail Rx for about 2 weeks now

  11. The weak, peeling & splitting nail formula really works! I found that removing polish, and reapplying both layers every other day works best. I’ve never had such fabulous nails!

  12. Same story here…is there any way to contact the Total NailRx makers to ask for more instructions? I bought the repair for nails damaged by acrylics and tried it tonight for the first time. The only instructions on the package never say what to do after the first application. I guess if it chips off I can either start over or apply more of the last coat. (There are 3 bottles in the package) Please let me know if you have found any additional info.

  13. I just bought NailRx Nail Hardener today, and I would like a little more instructions on it. Do I apply a coat every couple of days? or just one time?

    I use to have acrylics all the time, and i just want my natural nails to look much stronger. I hope it works!

  14. I really have liked Nail Rx since I started using it not that long ago. It didn’t take long for me to see a noticeable difference. I had heard about it down the street when I was receiving one of my regular treatments from one the many Chicago nail spas I frequent.

  15. I’ve been using it for a good month or more and find no improvement. In fact they seem to peel and chip more! I too was wondering how often to reapply. Perhaps I’ll try the every other day approach and see if that helps.

  16. I had to go to 5 different Walgreens to find my total nail RX. Are there any other stores that carry it. The shelf looked like it wasn’t going to be refilled.

  17. Carleenp says:

    Unfortunately, I have only seen the products at Walgreens.

  18. I just bought Nail RX for Dry & Brittle nails. At first, I was looking for further direction, but I am still a bit confused. I bought this one at “Big Lots” so it has definitely been discontinued. In the instruction it does read “..reapply daily”. I don’t think I should just keep adding it on, but Carleenp made a good point about nail polish remover. What to do……. Maybe I’ll leave it on a little longer. Can’t hurt.

  19. do i remove the total nail rx each day or put it on top of what is there?

  20. finally i have found something that works also helps to keep nails in good shpe

  21. mariegray says:

    does any one know where i can purchase total nail RX fill me in

  22. Hated these products. I used two different kinds (Rescue Me and Sudden Strength), both meant for thin, weak nails prone to breaking, peeling and splitting. Not only did neither of them work, but neither stayed on my nails! Both kinds peeled off, making my nails weaker than they had been to start with!

  23. Both my adult daughter & I luv my Total Rx Nail product Sudden Strength. By far best product we’ve used on nails – ever. Trying to locate dealer to buy more. Think I bought at local Walgreen’s, but they claim bar code on bottle not in their data base. Any ideas if and/or where I could purchase online?

  24. Sandra, unfortunately I think the line has been discontinued. Bummer, because I think they made some pretty good products. If I come it across it anywhere though I’ll be sure to update!

  25. leolaura says:

    I found mine (the only one) at Walgreen’s, this one also was not in their data base, they had to look it up to see how much to charge me, I paid $8.50. I put it on immediatly, I have had it on for five days without a problem and they look and feel great. I did not apply polish as they look great without! I sure hope that I come across more of this Total Nail RX somewhere, best thing I have ever tried on my nails, and I have tried many. If anyone finds it please update.

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