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The Blue Nail Trend: Getting it Cheap with Wet-n-Wild!

imgp3086 thumb The Blue Nail Trend: Getting it Cheap with Wet n Wild! When it comes to the trendy blue nail polish look, I’m a fence sitter. I have seen some women, particularly younger women, wear it well. In the darker shades, I tend to rather like the look. On myself, however, I think it looks rather silly–Something my husband very much agrees with.

Regardless, there is no need to break the bank buying sold out Chanel on Ebay or spending $20 on the Dior version in order to have the current hip look in nails. The cheaper brands are already stepping up and putting out blue shades. When chasing a trend, buying cheap makes sense. You are unlikely to use up the product before it goes out of style anyway

At the cheapest end of the scale, you can get a perfectly acceptable polish in Wet ‘n’ Wild for a couple dollars at your local drugstore. As one of those impulse grocery store purchases, I picked up Wet ‘n’ Wild Sapphire Blue for under $2 and gave it a try. The quality of the polish was surprisingly good. It covered well with only a single coat, dried quickly, and has been almost as chip proof as my more expensive polishes. Plus I kill nail polish so fast, that chip proof means little to me–I chip even the best within a day. Here is another view of it:

imgp3090 thumb The Blue Nail Trend: Getting it Cheap with Wet n Wild!
I think the blue looks odd on me, but that is not the fault of the brand. I plan to give Wet ‘n’ Wild another look for some shades that are better suited for me. Why spend $8 for Essie or O.P.I. when a $2 brand at the grocery store works just as well? The shade choices are more limited though and I have to admit that my favorite shades happen to be from Essie and MAC. So I doubt I will be entirely switiching brand loyalties.Here are a few other affordable options for blue nails (both currently on sale for under $6 through the links): OPI Nail Polish Yoga-ta Get this Blue!  The Blue Nail Trend: Getting it Cheap with Wet n Wild! from the India Collection, and Essie Nail Polish – Aruba Blue The Blue Nail Trend: Getting it Cheap with Wet n Wild!. Other bargains can be found online, as can the more expensive Dior version. Also watch for all of the drugstore brands to play catch up and start releasing their own blue shades.

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 The Blue Nail Trend: Getting it Cheap with Wet n Wild!

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pixel The Blue Nail Trend: Getting it Cheap with Wet n Wild!


  1. Dashing Diva has tons of great shades too, and they’re about $8 a bottle!

  2. I tried this blue nail thing and wished I could actually find a shade that was more of a gunmetal grey without being black or silver, does that make sense? I just tried this fab shade and really liked it, it was purply burgundyish without being too purply. It’s Rock Royalty by Creative Nail Design. I would say it’s a lighter take on Lincoln Park After Midnight.

  3. MAC made a great frost gunmetal grey type of shade that was called Rainy Day. I don’t see it on their website now though, so I assume that it was limited edition. I can’t remember which collection I got it in.

  4. Blue nail trend is very attractive with its colour.

  5. Lynn Hua says:

    Omg! i just took of this blue nail polish and now my nail are blue.

  6. I know this is old, but if those pictures are of your hands, then the blue looks good on you. Maybe it was just in your’s and your husband’s heads, or maybe seeing you as a whole, the blue didn’t work.

    I was just googling current color trends to see what would look good on me. I’m so sick of the boring reds, browns, and pinks.

    Why does getting older mean boring? That’s a good question, I’ve never actually said it like that before.

    I always said I would never say “for my age”, because I honestly believe it really depends on what you like. But I’m tired of people’s comments, so I’m giving in to society.

    I say we should all say screw society and do what makes us happy, it starts here.

  7. Carleenp says:

    Thanks for your insights Daisy! Yes, those are my hands, but I still just can’t get used to blue on them! With that said, I do like the purples quite a bit and they are also rather trendy. I also like the deep grays. Yellow and Orange are hot for summer too and I think those are a bit easier to pull off if you also wear brightly colored clothes. Like you, I am rather tired of pink.

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