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Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy

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Sally Hansen Natural Beauty has released a wonderful full line of cosmetics “inspired by” Carmindy from TLC’s show What Not to Wear. I am a big Carmindy fan and I liked her book, The Five Minute Face (Read Review). I also have been pretty impressed with Sally Hansen as of late. The new Sally Hansen Natural Beauty line focuses on natural ingredients and is paraben free.

When I saw the line at CVS, I bought a number of items to try. I was left highly impressed and am willing to bet that several items from this line will make my year end best of 2008 list (Read the 2007 list)!

The Sally Hansen Natural Beauty line includes foundation and powder, but I have so many unfinished items of those, I didn’t buy any. Instead, I got the primer, eye shadow base, an eye shadow trio, cream blush, lipstick, and a mascara. The look I created with the products and each item is covered below. All items are worn in the photo below. I am also wearing Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation (Read Review), Laura Mercier translucent powder, and M.A.C. dual edged eye pencil in a blue/gray shade from the Heatherette collection. 

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The Natural Beauty Luminizing Face Primer Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy is a really nice silicon based primer. It has a lighter feel than the cult classic Smashbox Photofinsh (Read Review), yet worked just as well. I found that it primed my skin quite well in preparation for foundation by leaving it smooth and silky. The luminizing properties are also a welcome addition. At around $10, this primer is an incredible value, and I am not aware of any other comparably priced primers of this quality. Revlon has a decent primer, but it does not provide the perfectly nice skin surface that the Sally Hansen product does.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy is another great value product. There are not a lot of drugstore shadow bases out there and this one is quite lovely. It has a light, easy to spread cream texture, that feels like it must have a touch of silicon in it. I found that it made my shadow look smooth and crease free all evening. This will become a staple product for me.

The cream blush is another great item in Salley Hansen’s new line. It is silky smooth, and Bloom, the shade that I purchased, has a nice rosy color. It is pretty well pigmented and builds pretty well, so those with darker skin can likely wear it just fine. At the same time, it also blends well, so I could wear it well with my pale skin as long as I applied with with a light and well blended touch.


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The Natural Beauty Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy comes in basic and fairly neutral color sets. I decided to go for the Ocean Eye Palette, a gray/navy combo, because I seem to have acquired way too much brown shadow. The shadow is decently pigmented, blended fine, and lasted well. I did not have any creasing issues. It seemed like a standard decent quality shadow to me with nothing really outstanding, but nothing wrong with it either.

The Natural Beauty Lift & Define Mascara Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy was nothing special for me. The brush is small (I tend to like that), but has rather wide spaces between the bristles, which I think can make things clump easier. It went on OK, and looked OK. I don’t think it would be my first choice in mascara, but it wasn’t bad either.

Finally, I loved the Color Comfort Lip Color Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy! Perfect Pink, Rose Parfait, turned out to be perhaps one of the best pink shades I have found in some time. For a full review of it, head on over to my post at Girl Gloss!

The bottom line: The Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics line is a welcome addition to the available drugstore makeup choices. I particularly recommend the primer and shadow base. These items are comparable to, or perhaps even better than, other much more expensive products. The rest of the line is quite nice as well. Well done Sally Hansen!

Look for the new Sally Hansen Natural Beauty at drugstore and at ULTA Beauty Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy.

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pixel Review: New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cosmetics Inspired by Carmindy


  1. Oh, I was so excited when I heard about this line. As luck would have it, I’m on my way to CVS this morning to pick up a prescription and a few products. I’m glad I read your review first. Thanks.

  2. I was about to drop a serious chunk of change on the Smashbox primer! I’m so glad I read this review first!

  3. I love makeup im addicted and carmindy is great i just wish she had sample products to try before i invest. thanks spirited37

  4. These products are amazing!! I picked mine up at Ulta during the Buy one get one 1/2 off and the 20% off your entire purchase sale. I am totally in love with them. I have tried everything and I always feel like foundations “melt” off my face. I tried the mineral powder foundations and they just made my skin dry. I love Carminday and What not to wear so it was pretty much a no brainer.

    The face primer makes your face so soft and the foundation is weightless – no “melting”. The face brightner is amazing as is the translucent face powder. The eye shadow is fool proof and so easy to get right.

    I love these products!!!!

    ps. there is a 1.00 off coupon at http://www.sallyhensennaturalbeauty.com as well as instructional videos to get the most out of your products!!!

  5. I agree with Grace. Their products are just awesome. The face brightener is just drying my face a little bit but others are amazing.

    I found a 10% coupon on Cosmetics and Frgrances @ http://www.biva.com. use code BIVA1 . Hope it’ll help !

  6. ive still got the cream blush Salley Hansen’s (although its no longer a new line) awesome products!

  7. The Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy cosmetics line is the best makeup ever!!! All available at perfect prices, so you can forget about those expensive brands! Not enough women have heard of these great products, but try them, you are going to love this line!

  8. I cant believe especially in the UK the lack of awareness of Sally Hansen products, you really do have to shop around to find them! but when i do eventually find them i just stock up becuase they are good value for money and seem to last ages and good products as well!

  9. I have to say that I have always loved what cosmetics and skincare has done for me, but some time difficult to find the right products for my skin.
    Your posting very useful for me.


  10. Thank you, this is the best info I’ve found on the web

  11. One of the first products which has tempted me from the normal MAC and Bobby Brown products. Will definitely be looking for more Sally Hansen products in the future!

  12. Carol Salsbury says:

    I totally agree with what you said about Sally Hansen’s new cream blush. I purchased several containers of the color “Bloom”. Trouble is, when I went to buy more, I found out it’s DISCONTINUED! Why does it seem every time I like something they stop making it!!! Anyways, just venting.

  13. I’m with you Carol. I hate when good items get discontinued!

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