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Ten Year’s Thinner by Christine Lydon, MD: Week Six

ten years Ten Years Thinner by Christine Lydon, MD: Week Six I now have week six of the Ten Years Thinner Ten Years Thinner by Christine Lydon, MD: Week Six diet and exercise plan done, which marks the end of the formal program laid out by the book. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I get to return my old ways. But it will mark the end of my weekly updates. I will post back in a month with a final follow up.

I had a pretty good final week. Despite a bit of cheating by having wine with dinner a few times, I lost 2 more pounds and found that I have also gone down a full clothing size. I did not have any measurable changes in inches this week. Here are the totals:

Total weight lost in week six: 2 pounds

Total weight lost through six weeks: 12 pounds

Total inches off so far: Thigh 1 3/4, Hips 1 1/2, Stomach 2 3/4, Arm 1/2, Chest 4.

The six week experience has been good. I still feel that the Ten Year’s Thinner program is a good choice for both weight loss and general fitness. The diet is effective and builds good eating habits, while also being fairly flexible once the initial few weeks are finished.

The exercise program is a great alternative for those who do not, or cannot, go to a gym. It also is easily adaptable for varying levels of fitness. However, those who are already fairly fit may find themselves adding extra exercises or cardio time to the program. I have settled into adding a couple of interval training cardio sessions and a heavier weight routine at the gym each week. I also add several gluteal and thigh exercises to the end of the home program.

I will post something again in four weeks to report on the longer term effects of the program.

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 Ten Years Thinner by Christine Lydon, MD: Week Six

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  1. Congrats! I admire you for sticking with it :)

  2. I too, have begun the diet with some of my colleagues. I am in the middle of week two. I have lost 4 pounds and have been sticking to it honestly. My friends are faring better-one having lost 11 so far, and one down 7 ( and they both cheated once with sweets). I’m happy to be losing at least 2lbs. a week and eating more than I was eating when I lost a pound a month. So glad to hear of your good results and am assuming, you didn’t have much to lose to begin with. I’m looking forward to hearing your report in a month.

  3. Carleenp says:

    I didn’t have a huge weight loss goal (I have been aiming for about 20 pounds total), so I think that might have something to do with why I plateaued rather quickly. Well, that and the couple of cheats…. :D

    It will be interesting to see where I am in a month. I’m doing a pretty good job sticking with the program, so hopefully I will lose that last 8 pounds!

    Good luck with the program and keep sticking to it!

  4. My friends and I just finished 6 weeks and are looking forward to hearing your month report. I lost 7 pounds, one friend lost 11 and one lost 25. I wish I lost more, so that’s why I’m anxious to see how, in the long run, you’ve done. I plan on sticking with it, because it’s a plan that I can stick with. (even without the bread which I haven’t added back yet).

  5. Sorry but may I know where can I buy this ebook? I google for weight loss ebook and found this blog.


  6. Carleenp says:

    Vill: This is not an ebook. It is a standard hard cover book. You should be able to find it in stock at a good sized book store and if it is not in stock, any book store can order it in for you. I also placed an affiliate link in the post to the page for it on Amazon.com if you wish to purchase it online.

  7. Why oh why hasn’t Christine published a DVD to exercise to? I am not having much luck following the book.

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