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Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain

I tend to be a big Stila fan. Their items are expensive, but the quality is usually incredible. Stila’s entry into the area of lip and cheek stain is no different. This is simply one good quality stain.

The picture below is taken in sunlight and shows the stain applied both thickly and thinly. Note that my skin is very pale, especially on my arm! So on most people the stain will not be quite that vivid:

100 5273 thumb Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain
The stain itself is a nice berry red that, like most stains, looks quite natural in appearance on the lips, especially if applied lightly. On my pale cheeks, I needed to use a very light touch, but liked the shade quite a bit.The stain did take a bit longer than some to dry when I tested it, but it then lasted well. The applicator is also wonderful. If you are familiar with Stila’s lipglazes, it is the same applicator–a built in brush that the product is twisted/clicked up into. I love that type of design, but do be careful not to overload the brush!

I count this one as another big winner from Stila!

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  2. C McKie says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the new Stilla lip and cheek stains. I’ve been meaning to try stains for a while now but wasn’t sure what was a good quality one. Now I know :)

  3. Thank you.
    I am from Belgium and am very curious what kind of products you have over there.
    Now a few weeks ago, i saw this lipstick and was wondering wether to buy it or not.
    Now i saw this post and gonna buy it:)

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