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Ten Years Thinner by Christine Lydon, MD. One Month Later Review

ten years Ten Years Thinner by Christine Lydon, MD. One Month Later ReviewIt has been about 5 weeks since I finished the six week Ten Years Thinner Ten Years Thinner by Christine Lydon, MD. One Month Later Review diet and exercise plan. So here is my promised update.

I spent plenty of time cheating lately by having wine or beer with dinner and going out to eat a bit more. But I otherwise eat fairly well and according to the plan. I also lost 2 more pounds over the past 5 weeks, while my measurements stayed about the same.

I still do the exercise plan a couple of times each week, but have replaced it on other days with a more traditional weight program at the gym, dance class, yoga, and some intervals on the cross trainer. I like the program in the book, but I also like to have a bit more variation and I enjoy the gym. So I do the book program on days when I need to be at home or don’t feel up to going to the gym.

Overall, a month or so out, I still feel that the Ten Year’s Thinner program is a good choice. It provides a nice guide and solid program to jump start weight loss and leave the dieter with a solid foundation when the six weeks are finished. So I give it a big thumbs up!

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  1. Tell me, if there are any type of supplements in your “Ten Years Thinner” diet and exercise plan or it is completely natural.

  2. Carleenp says:

    The program recommends Fish Oil, Calcium, Magnesium, and a multi-vitamin.

  3. Ten Years Thinner ; its seems very lovely. interesting. thanks

  4. I like the title of this book – very intriguing! By the way, thanks for letting me ‘advertise’ on your blog with Entrecard! :-)

  5. Beauty Secret says:

    I love this blog.very informative blog.

  6. Thanks so much for your update!

    From your experience, it sounds like I can do this without being extremely hard on myself when it comes to cheating (a little bit ;) )

    Keep up the great work and I’ll definitely check this book out the next time I’m at Borders!

  7. Carleenp says:

    Lilan: Once the six weeks is done, the book recommends having one meal per week of whatever you want. I like authorized cheating! Although I have to admit that I do some unauthorized cheating as well. :D

  8. Rob At Cindy Crawford Skin Care says:

    Wow, thanks you for posting your success story. I’ve been following it and I’m so pleased for you. Well done.

    You are an inspiration to us all

    Thanks again.

  9. Jaki - waltham pocket watches says:

    I’ll have to check out the book. Any help or advice that I can get helps. I find if I loose motivation with one style I just find another one to keep me going. Thanks

  10. I’ve been trying to find another way to lose weight because everything else I have tried in the past, hasn’t worked for me. I’ve never heard of this weight loss book before and it sounds very interesting. I think I’ll go check it out. Thanks for the post!

  11. I have not read this book, so I really am glad for your review. I’ll have to check it out now! Thank you! x

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