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Earth Therapeutics Clean and Cool Foot Wipes

Earth Therapeutics makes some great bath and body products, especially items for the feet. I have a fun foot care set from them that I picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond. Now they have come out with what I think is a must have product for summer: Clean and Cool Foot Wipes.

et9631 thumb Earth Therapeutics Clean and Cool Foot Wipes
These wipes have cooling alcohol and tea tree oil, along with a wonderful mint scent. Keep them in your purse or beach bag for quickly refreshing your feet after being outside barefoot, wearing sandals, or simply seeking to freshen up. They feel good and smell great, so no more stinky summer feet!Shop for Earth Therapeutics Bath and Body Products  Earth Therapeutics Clean and Cool Foot Wipes


  1. I need these! My feet are always hot.

  2. Why do you speak only about the stinky summer feet? I’m smiling. We should remember the problems after wearing the winter boots. Yes, you are right it is a good thing for our feet. I like the composants: cooling alcohol and tea tree oil.

  3. It is very nice that you advertise something like this and I think it will be able to help people with their problems. I know some people who need to buy the protection like this. Thank you. I have never heard about these wipes.

  4. I don’t think that I need this or to tell the truth my feet need it. By the way it seems to be useful for somebody who has problems.

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