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Kryolan Trio Blusher Set

05193trioblusher thumb Kryolan Trio Blusher Set
Kryolan makes professional and theatrical makeup, but it can be a great source for personal cosmetics as well. Something I particularly like is the new Trio Blusher Set. It contains three quite different, but all useable shades.
kry thumb Kryolan Trio Blusher Set
Also nice is the Lip Rouge Set. Available in five different color combinations, the pallets contain five lip shades that are fairly opaque, with a large amount of pigment. I found them good for when a lot of color is desired.

Kryolan products are sold at various locations throughout North America and Internationally. Interested readers can call 800.KRYOLAN to find a nearby retailer.

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pixel Kryolan Trio Blusher Set


  1. i just wanna find out where to buy kryolan camoflage?

  2. Nancee: Kyolan can be a bit hard to find. They have told me to tell people to call call 800.KRYOLAN for retail locations. they also sell some, but not all, items on their website.

  3. If you are located in Canada, you can order from Studio Makijaz in Montreal.

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