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Megastar Professional Flat Iron

The online store Missiko sent me a Megastar flat iron to try. This iron is a decent choice for its price range.

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The Megastar iron has ceramic plates and uses infrared, ionic, and silver nano technology, for protection and shine. It runs from 140-420 degrees, for a good range of settings. The controls are also out of the way so as not to be bumped during use—something that is a must for me in a flat iron. It heats fairly quickly and is easy to use.

I found that the iron did a sufficient job straightening and it left a nice shine. I was not able to curl quite as well with it as I am with my regular iron, but to be honest, my iron for daily use (the Sedu Revolution) also runs at a higher price.Tugging and pulling was minimal with this iron, although not non-existent. Much better than some others in its price range though (if you get this one at its sale price). Which also leads me to this: Don’t buy one of those cheap irons for $20 at the drugstore. They usually will pull the heck out of your hair! Generally a decent iron will run over $75 and often will be in the over $100 range. The Megastar flat iron fits its price range.

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 Megastar Professional Flat Iron

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  1. I only just found out yesterday that I could CURL my hair with a flat iron!!

    I just started practicing yesterday – can you share any tips?

    Thanks so much and hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Carleenp says:

    Lilan: To curl with a flat iron, twist the iron as it runs through your hair. Flipping ends up or under is pretty easy–simply turn the iron up or under at the end as you pull through very slowly. It can do a really nice job without creating a crimp, as long as you don’t stop and hold it in place. Irons with rounded edges on the side curl better than ones with a straight edge.

    Getting true curls is a bit harder. You can twist the iron as you run it through the hair, but at that point, I find using a regular curling iron is much easier. Why use a flat iron if you really want true curls! :)

  3. Hi Lilian,

    I always curl my hair on nights out with the girls.
    I often use hair irons, you must use the small ones not the large ones though, as they just do not do the job! Otherwise i sometimes use actual tongs, however the irons give a much more up t date look.

  4. You have to try Japanese straightening. It’s permanent and leaves you with smooth, silky hair. I’ve done it twice now and I’m addicted!

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