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L’Oreal Skin Genesis, Moisturizer and Treatment Serum

mail.google.com thumb LOreal Skin Genesis, Moisturizer and Treatment Serum Total Beauty sent me samples of a couple of new L’Oreal Skin Genesis Items to try. Both are nice feeling products and have been getting pretty good reviews.

L’Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer is an oil-free light lotion with Pro-xylane (don’t ask me what that really is, because I don’t know and L’Oreal doesn’t clearly say) and Hyaluronic Spheres. I found it to have a nice light feel and it absorbed very quickly, but because it lacks SPF, it won’t be my everyday moisturizer. I actually have used it some at night, and primarily tested it during that time.

The Skin Genesis Daily treatment is a lotion-like serum, also with Pro-xylane and Concentrated Hyaluronic. I found it similar to the lotion in terms of a light feel and quick absorption.  

After a few weeks of use, both products left my skin looking good and I had no issues with breakouts. I rate them as above average items in terms of drugstore moisturizing and anti-aging skin care products.  So these certainly are some decent value items.

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  1. I agree that they are great drugstore antiaging products! They make my skin smooth and soft.

  2. I actually purchased a 2nd bottle of the Daily Moisturizer when my first bottle ran out a few days ago – I really like the way the moisturizer works, leaving my skin moisturized while feeling light to the touch, and how it makes my skin feel smooth. They do have a moisturizer with SPF 15 (white bottle) versus the oil-free version (pink bottle)…if only they had an oil-free version with SPF…

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