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Daily Beauty Bytes: Stars Without Makeup

It can be nice to know that celebrities look fairly normal sometimes! I’m actually surprised a the number of celebrities with melasma. I notice them from time to time simply because I have problems with melasma myself . Below is an article syndicated from Total Beauty that takes a look at a number of celebrities without makeup. If you ever feel inferior after looking at numerous touched up and altered photos, this is the article for you!

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Stars without Makeup

See celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Madonna and Jessica Alba au naturale — you won’t even recognize them!

Most of the time when celebrities are photographed, it’s after a team of hairstylists and makeup artists have groomed every inch of them, making them appear flawless (photo retouching helps too). But sometimes we get a snapshot of them without their hair and makeup done and the results are, well, a relief. They’re not perfect, as this gallery shows; in fact, they struggle with the same skin issues — acne, wrinkles — that we all do. Hallelujah! …More

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