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Jane Be Pure Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 30

015 thumb Jane Be Pure Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 30 Jane Cosmetics has a new SPF 30 Jane be Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation at that I really love, although I think it is mislabeled a bit. Why mislabeled? Well, this one really seems like a tinted moisturizer to me. It is very sheer and high in moisture factor. So I wish they had just labeled it as such.

As far as tinted moisturizers go, this one is nice. It feels great and it provides just enough tint to even things out. It left me wishing that I didn’t have dark pigmented patches to cover, because then I would wear this all the time! As it is, I have been wearing it quite a bit with some concealer and  touch of powder mineral makeup on the areas where I have melasma. The light shade is perfect for me and although it is a moisture product, it hasn’t left me looking greasy like some other tinted moisturizers do. Best of all, this item is only around $5!

The SPF 30 foundation is not yet on the Jane website and I can’t seem to find anyone selling it online yet. But you can find Jane Cosmetics at Walgreens stores.

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  1. I tried this foundation and love it. It’s very sheer ( almost too sheer ) but I like the high SPF 30 ( I am very fair )…And most foundations with high SPF are very thick and gooey. Overall, it’s a very affordable, everyday-use product.


  3. How do I buy Jane be pure cosmetics, especially liquid foundation online?
    Thank you

  4. Judy Seidl says:

    I purchased “jane” Be Pure Mineral Natural Foundation ( color 05 Beige to Tan) at Walgreens some time ago and they no longer carry it. Where can I buy more?

  5. Jennifer Dennis says:

    I can’t find this product at Walgreens or Walmarts. Neither at KMarts or Targets. Walmarts in Bridgeton, MO, has a few items but not this product. This product is wonderful. So I see a lot of postings trying to find this product. Wonder if they ever got an answer.
    Jane Be Pure Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 30

  6. Carleenp says:

    Unfortunately, I think the liquid mineral foundation has been discontinued. I’m not sure if it is just the product or if the whole Jane line is disappearing, which would be unfortunate since it is (was?) a quality line of affordable makeup.

  7. Esther Kaplan says:

    I bought Jane be pure sheer tinted moisturizer and love it. Imagine a liquid cover-up that has a PH of 30. I got it at WalMart in Florida. They didn’t have it in WalMart in Pompton Plains. I will keep trying. EK

  8. I bought Jane Be Pure Sheer Tinted moisturizer at the Tustin Rite Aid store in Orange County, California.

  9. Swt Azn Qt says:

    What country are the cosmetics products (not the cosmetic company) made in? Please reply back A.S.A.P. and thanks!

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