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Review: Anastasia Brow Pen

11qisk6tecl. sl500 aa250 thumb Review: Anastasia Brow Pen Anastastia Beverly Hills has come out with the Anastasia Brow Pen, and it is a really nice edition to their line of brow products. At first I worried that a pen would appear too dark, but the Anastasia brow pen has a very fine tip and puts out color slowly, so the amount is perfect. The pen comes in a universal color and essentially just lightly tints the brow hair.

When I tried the pen, I found that it filled in my brows, tinted them quite nicely, and it did so without the kind of fake look that a pencil will sometimes give. The pen tinted the brow hair just enough to make them stand out, and the look was quite natural. So I really liked this one and highly recommend it!

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pixel Review: Anastasia Brow Pen


  1. Thank you for introducing us brown pen ,i Like its design

  2. I’ve been using Magic Styl Cosmetic Pen. I’m wondering how does her compares with theirs.

  3. bom dia! como faço para adquirir as canetas?


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