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Ziba, aka Sumita, Body Art and Brow Products

Ziba Beauty Cosmetics carries some wonderful and unique items for body art and they also happen to have a great brow line.

bodyart6 Ziba, aka Sumita, Body Art and Brow Products
The body art line features appliqués in various patterns. These can be reused easily if handled carefully. Each piece is beautifully designed and can be used in a variety of ways. The line has all sorts of items such as peacocks, stars, teardrops, and more.What I really loved from Sumita was the brow items. The brow pencils come in varying shades, and the light shade, Chai (pictured), had a particularly nice tone to it. So often it seems that brow pencils are too ashy in color, but this one was not. The pencils are soft and blend quite well.
chai eyebrow pencil thumb Ziba, aka Sumita, Body Art and Brow Products
I particularly loved the Sumita brow wax pencil. The wax comes in a thick crayon type of pencil for easy application and it does a very nice of setting things with a natural look. It has quickly become a favorite item of mine! Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be selling that item online yet, but if you are in California, you can take a look a the list of store locations.

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pixel Ziba, aka Sumita, Body Art and Brow Products


  1. I will be checking out that brow wax. I wear a wig and change hair color often so having a choice to change my brow color is a must for me.

  2. Jovita Maldonado says:

    Good afternoon, could you please inform us if you have distributors in Mexico city? thanks!

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