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Lancome Oscillation Mascara: Just Another Mascara

4a6a 2 thumb Lancome Oscillation Mascara: Just Another Mascara I tried Lancome’s Oscillation mascara some time ago when they had a limited pre-sale of it. This vibrating mascara is one of several brands that turn, shake, twist, vibrate etc., supposedly in a way that leads to perfect lashes.  I tend to find it to be more hype than anything though.

I liked Spin Lash (read review), which is available at big box retailers and drug stores, although I know of others who hated it. Lancome Oscillation was basically ho hum for me. I adore Lancome mascara in general, so right off, I did like the quality of the Oscillation mascara, but I can’t say that the vibrating action made any difference in how my lashes turned out.  I tried the product turned off and got exactly the same results.

In the end, it is a perfectly good mascara, but I didn’t find it to be anything special. Instead it just seemed like an attempt to come up with a gimmick to suck people into buying, and it certainly was successful at that. I and a ton of other people bought one!

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  1. Thanks for the honest review. I was wondering if all the shimmying and shaking was going to make a difference. :)

  2. I have still yet to try this. It was funny though, as I went by the Lancome counter as Macy’s today, the SA’s had probably a dozen cartons of stock to open and they all had the big “O” on them, must have been hundreds of tubes of Oscillation. The phenomenon continues, no matter what we think of it.

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