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A Visit to Marshalls Cube

Marshalls sent me a gift card to go check out their in store Marshalls Cube. If you are not familiar with Marshalls it is a retailer that stocks a multitude of brands at discount prices. Stores such as this usually obtain overstocks and such from top names at greatly reduced prices and then sell them at a discount over what you would find in a regular department store.

Marshall's Cube

The Cube is Marshalls’  “in store boutique.”  Essentially, it is an area set aside in the store for more young, trendy, and hip types of items. When I visited, I found that the cube did indeed have a nice selection of items and it was a good way to locate a variety of trendier items instead of having to locate them in the general store racks.  A large amount of the clothing was sized for teens, although there were some misses sizing in there as well.

Brands ranged from a large selection of Baby Phat, to Calvin Klein, to a few pairs of Seven for all Mankind jeans priced at an incredible $39.  I spotted a very nice yellow/orange coat, that I considered purchasing, and also took a look at the wide selection of handbags and sunglasses in the Cube. With those, the store again did a nice job of sorting out the trendier items. There were also a selection of shoes, but since Marshalls also has its own monstrous shoe department that tends to be pretty well organized, I’m not sure that the Cube is the first place in the store that you want to check for shoes.

Ultimately, I hung onto my gift card because I’m hoping to find some of those Seven for all Mankind jeans in stock in my size on a return trip. That is hardly a sure thing, but you never know!

Overall, if you are looking for some trendy bargains, stop by a Marshalls and check out the Cube. They also have a nicely laid out Facebook Page that you can join.

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