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Etude House BB Magic Cream SPF 30 and Foundation Review

215044002 l1 thumb Etude House BB Magic Cream SPF 30 and Foundation ReviewUpdate! Look for Etude House, especially the BB Magic Cream at YesStyle.com or on  COSME-DE.COM Etude House BB Magic Cream SPF 30 and Foundation Review.  YesStyle is my preferred source for Asian items. It is a great online store!

Etude House is a South Korean cosmetics brand that sells out of stores fashioned as adorable princess type houses. If you are able to get it at regular price, the Etude House line is one of the best bets out there for very affordable quality.

I recently gave a number of Etude House items a try. Today’s review looks at the popular Etude House BB Magic Cream and their foundation.

Etude House Magic Cream is essentially a makeup primer. The BB in Magic Cream stands for blemish balm, which is meant as a soothing treatment balm that also covers redness and blemishes, but it is not really an acne treatment. The  Blemish Balm is lightly tinted so as to provide a bit of coverage and evening of the skin tone, but it also provides a good base for foundation.  Overall, this is one of the better and more interesting makeup primers that I have used. I provides a nice base, and I particularly find that it works well as a light primer for mineral makeup or powder foundations. Between the tint in the blemish balm and that in the makeup, it covers my areas of redness and melasma very well without making me look way too overly made up.

Etude House’s regular Blemish Balm formulation is a bit on the oily side. I have had no problems with it breaking me out, but if you have oily skin, you might prefer one of their formulations for that skin type.  The added SPF 30 to the product is a big bonus, and actually is what I think makes it seem initially oily because the oily feeling goes away after it absorbs.

There are a couple of downsides to the Etude House Magic Cream.  First, it has a pump tube, which I really don’t care for all that much. Those tend to either break or they leave too much unused product when the tube gets low. Second, although labeled as a blemish balm, Magic Cream doesn’t really conceal quite enough to be used alone. It is better as an overall tinted base for foundation or powder unless you want particularly sheer coverage.  Etude House does make a heavier blemish balm though that covers more.

215040002 l1 thumb Etude House BB Magic Cream SPF 30 and Foundation Review Etude House Dream On Foundation is wonderful stuff and is my new favorite in the area of liquid foundations. Etude House foundation has a moisturizing feel to it, but it is not at all oily. I wear it just fine on my currently oily skin. It sits on the skin quite well, without sinking into pores, which makes me wonder if it has some silicone in it—something that I love in a foundation. Because they are in Korean, I can’t read the ingredients to tell, but it feels like it does. Coverage is sheer-medium. Use the blemish balm under it, or a mineral powder over it for a bit more coverage. Use it alone for the most natural look if you are lucky (I’m not so lucky) and don’t have pigmentation to cover.

I will be reviewing more Etude House makeup items in the future as I purchased quite a bit in order to maximize on shipping costs. So far, I love everything that I have ordered!

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  2. I just wanted to say that I love this site

  3. i am so envying australia for having the etude house in their country. we only have the face shop, skinfood, and elianto to give us our bb cream fix in the Philippines. luckily there are multiply users that import etude.

    does it rub off easily? does it last all day? do you set it with mineral foundatio or does a setting finishing powder be ok or enough.

    thank you for this review, now i can’t wait for my own etude bb

  4. Bernadine says:

    I’ve also been eyeing etude cosmetics for quite sometime now and I really want to try their products but it’s not available here in the Philippines but i heard that they are going to open a branch here soon so I’m very excited!

  5. http://www.etudehouseusa.com has pretty good prices.

  6. Carleenp says:

    Jenny, thanks for that info! It is good to finally see an easy way to purchase this brand!

  7. [To: Marge]

    Hi there,

    As quoted from your comment “i am so envying australia for having the etude house in their country.”

    Í’m living in Perth,Australia. But I don’t see any Etude house items being sold anywhere.

    Can you please tell me where can I find them?? Thanks!!! (:

    Ebay is too expensive!!

  8. Melissa, you might check if the USA seller ships to Australia. It would still likely be cheaper than eBay: http://etudehouseusa.com/

  9. Hi I hve read the goodness of the BB cream
    sold in Etude House, but are unable to find
    the locations of Etude in Kuala Lumour/
    Selangor. Wld appreciate if you can give
    me the addresses.

  10. I just bought the Etude BB Cream with SPF 30 and you’re right about the oiliness. I haven’t tried it with my mineral foundation yet, which is supposed to have oil-control properties. Hopefully, it will suppress some of the shine.

    I can’t believe Amazon is selling the BB cream for $27 though! I only got mine for about $14.

  11. Lauren, when I use a Purely Cosmetics oil absorbing mineral foundation over the blemish balm it does seem to help with the oil issue. I agree that $27 is a bit steep. Unfortunately though, most online sources charge a premium. If you are in an Asian country with a store, it will be much cheaper. It can also be found on Ebay at times for less. Also check Etude House USA, which has a website.

  12. Hi
    Ran into your site while shifting through etude house’s bb magic cream. Do you know if you could leave it on your face like a cream or do you wash it off at the end of the day like make up?


  13. Hi Ivy! Definitely wash the BB cream off at the end of the day. It is really more of a primer and blemish cover than it is a treatment type of product. So you wouldn’t want to sleep in it.

  14. Hi! I was wondering, does this product have whitening agents in it? Because I know that the original etude magic bb doesnt…? Thanks!

  15. Carleenp says:

    Hi Naomi! I am not aware of any whitening agent in the SPF 30 product. However, wearing sunscreen is useful in preventing further skin discoloration, so the SPF 30 is a nice addition.

  16. etude house in SM fairview department store:))

  17. @naomi: it does’nt have any whitening.
    try the 02white:)) also from etude

  18. I love Etude House products and the dashing Lee Min Ho! :)

  19. I tried etude house BB cream before the one in smaller tube. I totally forgot the name, its a freebie when i bought some EH products last few years. XD

  20. I think I’ll put this on my list of makeup brands to try. You mention that it works great for mineral makeup foundation, which is what I’m hoping for. Mineral powder foundation is all my skin can handle, so getting a primer that can work with the foundation is at the top of my list.

  21. I have been using Etude House BB Cream, and the result is really amazing. I believe your post will benefit many people :)

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