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Mascara Monday: Sephora Brand Curling Mascara

p37329 hero thumb Mascara Monday: Sephora Brand Curling Mascara I grabbed a Sephora Brand Curling Mascara in Brown Mascara Monday: Sephora Brand Curling Mascara while at Sephora a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to give this one an good/average rating depending on the desired use. The mascara does a decent job lengthening, nothing too dramatic, but not bad either. Clumping was minimal, and overall, the mascara gives a decent look. It wore pretty well too, no smearing or flaking. I bought this one in brown, and liked the shade quite a bit. It wasn’t as dark as many brown mascaras, so it gave a nice natural look.

The brush on is slightly curved, I imagine in order to assist with curling. However, the mascara had minimal actual curling for me. Something to keep in mind though is that few, if any, mascaras can really give much curl on their own. If you want true lash curling, use a lash curler. I like the basic Maybelline Expert Tools Eyelash Curler Mascara Monday: Sephora Brand Curling Mascara (a great value) and Japonesque Go Curl Double Pad Eyelash Curler (which takes some getting used to, but works wonderfully) Mascara Monday: Sephora Brand Curling Mascara.  Where I tend to prefer curling mascara is when I want to be sure that my lashes stay curled after I have used a tool. Curling mascara can add a bit there. The Sephora brand is quite adequate in that regard, but nothing overly special either.

On the whole, I recommend this one (particularly in brown) if you want a light natural look from your mascara. As a bonus if you like brown mascara, this one is only $5 in brown, but is $10 in black.

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pixel Mascara Monday: Sephora Brand Curling Mascara


  1. I am a professional makeup artist and have tried 16 mascaras, since my favorite was discontinued! I am still in search for the PERFECT mascara….any help?

    I need one that will curl my lashes, and HOLD the curl. And is preferably waterproof….its driving me to madness.

  2. Kirsten, have you tried DiorShow Iconic? The formula itself won’t necessarily curl but if you use a curler first, which I think is always best anyway, it will hold a curl quite well and last very well. It is probably my favorite.

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