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Fashion Friday: Jimmy Choo for H&M!

This is sure to be a blockbuster. Can we get in line now? Jimmy Choo is teaming up with H&M. Slated for November 14, 2009, the line will include shoes, bags and women’s clothing.

Footwear will be in the $99 to $129 price bracket with perhaps a few more expensive items. Ballet flats will run in the $59 range. Handbags will run from $59 to $299. The news so far is that markets will be limited and the stores have not yet been announced.

There might be women fighting in the aisles over this one!

Pictured: Singer Anastacia with a Jimmy Choo bag.

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pixel Fashion Friday: Jimmy Choo for H&M!


  1. This is amazing! Do you think it will be just at flagship stores? Lines will be out the door! Thanks for the scoop!
    Linda for Ouidad

  2. totally flipped my lid when i heard this!! whoot whoot!

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