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Mascara Monday: CoverGirl Eye Lights

Cover Girl Eye Lights CoverGirl Mascara Custom made for various eye colors, CoverGirl Eye Lights claims that it will  make your eyes seem brighter. I picked up a tube at ULTA and found that it is a decent enough mascara that maybe adds a bit of brightness to your eye color.

The mascara itself has a medium to small rubber type wand, which is the kind that I tend to particularly like. It is generally clump free, even when in a bit of a hurry, and it wears well—no flaking or smudging etc.  Lengthening was average. I was happy enough with it, but you won’t get overly dramatic lashes from it. Volume was also average and this isn’t a curling mascara (although I maintain that no mascara should be bought for curl—if you want that use an eyelash curler). The upshot is that it is fine for standard everyday use.

As for the brightness claims, I sort of, maybe, possibly, thought that it worked a bit. But that could have also been wishful thinking, or the fact that I wore a good eye shadow shade. I think that I get more noticeable results in terms of eye brightening from wearing a navy blue mascara, which definitely does enhance the whites of the eyes.

Overall, buy this one for a standard everyday mascara if you are curious. If you don’t get any noticeable brightening of the appearance of your eye color, you still will have a perfectly useable mascara.

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