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Rare Elements Pure Shampoo and Essential Conditioner

rare elements pure shampoo Rare Elements Shampoo is a low lather, yet quite rich shampoo. Low lather is always nice because there is less concern of stripping color, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it is cleaning. With Rare Elements, it still has a rich, thick feel to it without high lather, so it still feels like your hair is getting clean.  The accompanying conditioner is also rich and does a nice job of both detangling and deep conditioning.

I used several sample packets of the Rare Elements products over several days and ended up with very soft, silky hair. It also helped keep things relatively frizz free while I was traveling in humid Nashville. I liked it enough that, despite a bit high of a price tag, I very well might order some. The conditioner in particular does a great job without having to leave it on really long.

The products are sulfate and paraben free, and the fragrance is natural. Speaking of fragrance, Rare Elements shampoo and conditioner have a natural woody, outdoorsy scent to them.  I didn’t mind it, and actually tend to prefer such scents, but it is a fairly strong fragrance that some may not care for.  Beyond that, they are great products!

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