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MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Trio

MAC cosmetics has some new Mineralize Skin Finish items out for summer.  I was sent a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Trio  MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Trioin Triple Fusion, which works quite well with my fair skin.

5877067 thumb MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Trio

The trios consist of a couple of bronzer shades and a pinker blush shade. They are fairly adjustable depending on where you sweep your brush. I mix the three shades together for a light bronzer/blush look. The effect is nice for summer where too much blush can look garish. The skin finish shades have a bit of shimmer to them, but are not overdone. So they work for natural looks and for night and day. My MAC Skin Finish Trio has become my go to bronzer/blush,  which is not surprising since I frequently used a different MAC Skin Finish a lot before my trio arrived. It is a quality product with a fairly decent price.

I use a MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Trio to apply bronzers, which works wonderfully for either a bronzer or blush. Shopping hint: for a limited time, check out the Nordstrom Exculsives MAC 5 Brush Set MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Trio which also includes this brush with a shorter handle for almost the same price as the single brush. This is a limited edition set, but they put out similar set again at the Holidays).

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