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Mascara Monday: Controversial Beauty Products

Today’s Mascara Monday post is syndicated from Total Beauty because it include a mascara that I really dislike, yet others love—Maybelline Great Lash. I agree that this one is controversial. You will see magazines and such rate it as a cult favorite time and again, yet many beauty writers will state that they hate it! Ultimately, I think it is a love it or hate it product. There doesn’t seem to be much in between. For me it first clumps and then smudges or runs off.But I do know of people who personally love it.

10 Most Controversial Beauty Products

10 Most Controversial Beauty Products

See which skin care, hair, body and makeup goodies TotalBeauty.com readers can’t see eye-to-eye on

Normally, readers generally agree if a product is good or bad and why. But sometimes they have extreme opinions on products, or they simply can’t agree if a product is worth buying. Here we share the most hotly debated products on TotalBeauty.com.

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Too face Lash Injection is included in this piece also. That one was middle of the road for me (read previous review).

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