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Calvin Klein CK Lip Gloss

ckcalvinkleinfully 4b9c92d8 thumb Calvin Klein CK Lip Gloss I got a little tube of Calvin Klein CK Lip Gloss in my Sephora Favorites Get Pink’d Pink Lip Deluxe Sampler Calvin Klein CK Lip Gloss. I loved the sampler, and most of the products in it, but I didn’t care all that much for this gloss . It was sticky, sticky, sticky! It had a very nice pink tint, but did I mention that it was sticky?

Then I had a sense of dejavu. I had reviewed a different (but similar) CK gloss once for Girl Gloss. Guess what? That one was sticky too!

I love the over all Sephora sampler though. They have a number of different favorites sampler and all are a great way to test a number of products at a great value.

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