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More Items From the Luna Twilight Makeup Collection

The Luna Twilight Makeup Collection icon will be available beginning tomorrow! (October 22, 2009) and is also now available for preorder. The line has some interesting items and appears to be very well designed. Last week, I looked at the palettes and creme blush. Here are few of the other particularly interesting items from the collection.

First Light Face Glow contains light reflecting pigments and can be used to soften imperfections and as a highlighter. The collection also includes a similar Body Glow product.

luna twilight first light glow

The Luna Twilight Mascara from the line is unique in that it includes a metallic shimmer in its formulation. I am quite curious about it!

Luna twilight mascara

Luna Twilight Moonshadow eye shadow has unique pairing of pigmented glitter dust and a light cream shadow that can be worn separately or layered.

luna twilight moonshadow

Lip items from the collection are equally interesting, especially a nice looking stain/balm, and a combo DuWop Lip Venom and Stain where, depending on how you use the applicator, you can apply each separately or it can be shaken to use the products together.  For more coverage of those items, see my write up at Girl Gloss on the Luna Twilight Makeup Lip Products.

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